Former Trump Aide Says Trump needs To Choose VP Who Will Tackle Immigration

By Victor Winston, updated on February 24, 2024

Sam Nunberg, a former aide to Donald Trump, laid out a strategic approach for Trump to clinch victory in the upcoming election against Joe Biden, with a strong emphasis on immigration policy.

Sam Nunberg emphasizes the critical need for Donald Trump to prioritize immigration policy and select an impactful vice president to secure triumph in the looming electoral battle against Joe Biden.

Nunberg, who initially threw his support behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis post-midterms, considering him the most viable Republican candidate, has shifted gears.

Recognizing Trump's advantageous position over Biden in the current polls, he now believes Trump possesses a significant opportunity. His recommendation hinges on a focused campaign strategy that scrutinizes Biden's presidential tenure, spotlighting immigration as a crucial failing point.

Identifying the Opposition’s Weakness

According to Nunberg, the key to Trump's success lies in drawing a stark contrast between his and Biden's handling of crucial national issues, particularly immigration. He criticizes the Biden administration for what he perceives as lax policies that have resulted in a substantial increase in undocumented immigrants. Nunberg's strategy involves leveraging this perceived vulnerability to Trump's advantage.

Former President Donald Trump must select a running mate who will serve as a 'top adviser' on key issues — namely, immigration. No other issue defines the current administration's failures as sharply as immigration does, and choosing a vice president who can address this head-on could significantly shift the electorate's perception.

Nunberg proposes candidates for Trump's vice president who are well-versed in immigration policy and enforcement. Among the names floated are General Jack Keane and former Homeland Border Security Adviser Tom Homan, each with a solid background in security and immigration enforcement. Senator J.D. Vance is also mentioned as a potential candidate, recognized for his understanding of America's broader socioeconomic challenges, including the opioid crisis.

Strategy Over Popularity

Nunberg's analysis suggests that a well-crafted campaign strategy focusing on Biden's policy shortcomings, particularly on immigration, could outweigh the financial disparities in campaign funding.

He believes Trump's choice of vice president will be pivotal, suggesting it could act as a corrective move that positions Trump as a quasi-independent, third-party-like figure solely dedicated to addressing immigration and border security issues effectively. According to Nunberg, this approach exemplifies the comprehensive and robust nature of the campaign strategy needed for Trump to secure victory.

Despite backing DeSantis early on, Nunberg's shift in allegiance underscores a belief that Trump's potential for reelection cannot be understated. His suggestions reflect a broader strategy designed not only to highlight the perceived failings of the Biden administration but also to recalibrate Trump's campaign focus towards actionable, policy-driven solutions that address voters' concerns.


Reflecting on the proposed strategies and insights of Sam Nunberg, it is clear that immigration policy stands as a central theme in the anticipated electoral contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Nunberg underscores the significance of selecting a vice president with a strong stance on immigration and border enforcement, coupled with a campaign that methodically targets Biden's weaknesses in policy. According to Nunberg, this combined approach forms the cornerstone of a campaign strategy poised to leverage current political dynamics to Trump's advantage, potentially steering him toward victory in the upcoming election.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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