Former State Senator Julian Carroll Dead At 92

 December 12, 2023

A pillar of Kentucky's political history has fallen.

Former Governor Julian Carroll, a transformative figure in the state's education and judiciary, passed away at 92.

Julian Carroll, whose political career spanned over five decades, died on Sunday. Carroll ascended to Kentucky's highest office in the turbulent '70s and saw the state through a period of prosperity driven by the coal industry's growth. His time as governor was marked by significant reforms in public education and judicial modernization.

A Legacy of Educational and Judicial Reforms

Carroll's tenure as governor is especially noted for his push to improve the public school system of Kentucky. He channeled state resources into raising teacher salaries, providing free textbooks, and creating the School Building Authority. This investment in education aimed to ensure that Kentucky's children received a better standard of learning.

In judicial reform, Carroll's elimination of the private bail bond system was a forward-thinking move. It showed his commitment to creating a fairer legal system for his constituents.

His administration also expanded the state parks system, enhancing Kentucky's natural heritage for future generations.

A Career Not Without Controversy

Despite his achievements, Carroll's administration was not without its blemishes. His later years in office were shadowed by a kickback scandal involving a high-ranking member of the state Democratic Party.

Nevertheless, Carroll's political journey continued well beyond his governorship.

In a statement released by his family, they shared their profound sorrow:

"As a family, it is with the heaviest of hearts that we grieve the loss of our beloved father, grandfather and great-grandfather. His steadfast faith and positive outlook on life ... and constant love for his family and his giving heart and warm embrace will forever be missed."

A Politician's Politician

Before his time as governor, Carroll served five terms in the Kentucky House of Representatives, a testament to his longstanding commitment to public service. His political acumen was further highlighted when he became lieutenant governor in 1971, positioning him to ascend to the governorship three years later.

Julian Carroll's political endurance was evident when, at the age of 73, he was elected to the Kentucky Senate. His subsequent service until 2020 underscored a life dedicated to the governance of his beloved state.

Carroll's military career as an Air Force attorney and his successful campaign to bring lower-cost electricity to his home county further rounded out a life rich in service.

Remembering a Stalwart of Kentucky's Capitol

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear paid tribute to Carroll's devotion to the state:

"[Carroll] dedicated his career to public service. For decades he worked to support public education and those he represented in Frankfort.”

Senate President Robert Stivers and House Speaker David Osborne echoed this sentiment, acknowledging Carroll's distinguished service and expressing sympathy to his family. Osborne added, "May his family find comfort in that service.”

Carroll's leadership saw the state through a time of economic prosperity, thanks in part to the oil embargo and the coal industry boom. His administration's response to the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire strengthened state fire safety laws, highlighting his responsive and responsible governance.

An Enduring Political Presence

Carroll's political presence endured despite an unsuccessful bid for governor in 1987. His return to public office as a state senator in 2004 was a remarkable comeback. He continued to serve Kentucky's citizens with the same vigor he had shown in his early political career.

The conclusion of Julian Carroll's long political chapter leaves Kentucky reflecting on the impact of a man who saw the state through both progress and challenges. His life in public office will be remembered for his dedication to improving the state's institutions and people.

As we bid farewell to a storied Kentuckian, we honor a leader's legacy who shaped the commonwealth in immeasurable ways. Julian Carroll's passing marks the end of an era for Kentucky politics.


  • Former Governor and State Senator Julian Carroll passed away at 92.
  • Carroll's administration focused on improving Kentucky's public schools and judicial system.
  • His tenure saw the state through an economic boom but also faced controversy.
  • He served multiple terms in the House of Representatives and was lieutenant governor before becoming governor.
  • Carroll's political career was marked by a dedication to public education and the people of Kentucky.
  • Despite challenges, he remained a significant figure in Kentucky politics until 2020.

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