Former Rock Musician Arrested For First Degree Murder After Police Find Human Remains

 January 4, 2024

Theobald "Theo" Lengyel, former member of the funk-metal band Mr. Bungle, has been arrested on charges of first-degree murder.

The investigation into the disappearance and death of Alice "Alyx" Kamakaokalani Herrmann led to the arrest of her boyfriend, Theo Lengyel, following the discovery of human remains in a wooded area in California.

Disappearance Shocks Santa Cruz Community

Herrmann, aged 61, was last seen on December 3rd in Santa Cruz, California. Her absence was noted by her family, who reported her missing on December 12th. The situation was grim when her red 2007 Toyota Highlander was discovered outside Lengyel's home in El Cerrito.

The case gained a complex layer as Lengyel, 54, traveled from California to Oregon after Herrmann's disappearance. His movement during this critical period was a subject of concern for investigators.

Investigation Leads to Tilden Regional Park

In a significant development, human remains were recovered in Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley, about 4 miles from Lengyel's residence. The discovery intensified the investigation, pointing towards a possible tragic end to Herrmann's disappearance.

While the remains are pending DNA confirmation from the coroner's office, no details have been disclosed about the cause of death, adding a layer of mystery to the already complex case.

Lengyel's Non-Cooperation Raises Suspicions

Lengyel, known for his contributions to Mr. Bungle, notably playing saxophone, clarinet, and keyboards, had been uncooperative with the police investigation. His reluctance to engage with law enforcement raised suspicions about his involvement.

The El Cerrito Police Department noted Lengyel's lack of cooperation. They stated, "He has not cooperated with the police investigation."

The timeline of events surrounding Herrmann's disappearance and subsequent events points towards a sinister plot. After Herrmann was last seen in early December, the discovery of her vehicle and Lengyel's movements painted a troubling picture.

Arrest and Charge Bring Case to Forefront

Lengyel's arrest on January 3, marked a significant turning point in the investigation. He was charged with the murder of Herrmann, bringing a new dimension to the case.

His booking into Santa Cruz County Jail without incident was a quiet end to a frantic search for answers in a case that has gripped the local community.

As the investigation continues, the community and Herrmann's family await further developments. The case, steeped in mystery and tragedy, is a grim reminder of the unpredictable nature of personal relationships and the dark turn they can sometimes take.

Community Reels from Shocking Development

The impact of Herrmann's disappearance and Lengyel's arrest has reverberated through the Santa Cruz community. Known for his musical talents, Lengyel's fall from grace has been a topic of much discussion and disbelief among fans and locals alike.

According to, "Lengyel was a founding member of the funk-metal band Mr. Bungle." This detail of his past, juxtaposed with the current allegations, adds a layer of shock to the story.

The investigation into Herrmann's disappearance and death has taken many turns. From the initial missing person report to the discovery of her vehicle and the eventual finding of human remains, the case has been a puzzle for law enforcement.


The arrest of Theobald "Theo" Lengyel, once a celebrated musician, for the alleged murder of Alice "Alyx" Kamakaokalani Herrmann has left many questions unanswered. The ongoing and complex case continues to unfold, with the community and Herrmann's loved ones seeking justice and closure.

  • Herrmann was last seen on December 3rd and reported missing on December 12th.
  • Lengyel's non-cooperation and travel to Oregon post-disappearance raised suspicions.
  • Human remains were found near Lengyel's home; identity and cause of death are still unconfirmed.
  • Lengyel was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in Herrmann's death.

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