Former House Speaker McCarthy Calls For Gaetz To Leave

By Victor Winston, updated on November 12, 2023

Amidst the turbulence of American politics, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has voiced strong criticism against fellow Republicans.

McCarthy's remarks centered around the controversial vote to remove him as Speaker in January, a move led by Representative Matt Gaetz and supported by others including Representatives Nancy Mace and Tim Burchett.

McCarthy's position on the matter was clear in a recent interview. He expressed his belief that the Republican Party would be better off without Gaetz's presence. This statement follows the turmoil earlier in the year when Gaetz spearheaded a vote against McCarthy, which ultimately led to his removal as Speaker.

McCarthy's Critique of Gaetz and Others

McCarthy's criticisms weren't limited to Gaetz. He also had words about Nancy Mace and Tim Burchett, who were among the eight GOP members joining Democrats in the vote, Yahoo reported.

McCarthy suggested that their actions were more about seeking media attention than genuine political concerns. This sentiment indicates a deep rift within the party, exacerbated by the January vote.

In particular, McCarthy's view of Mace's future in politics is bleak. He doubts her chances of reelection and questions her deservingness of another term. These comments reflect McCarthy's broader concerns about the unity and direction of the Republican Party.

McCarthy, in his interview, shared his perspective on the contentious events. He stated, "I don't believe [Mace] wins reelection. I don't think she'll probably have earned the right to get reelected."

The Intricacies of House Speaker Politics

The removal of McCarthy as Speaker and the subsequent election of Mike Johnson have been significant events in recent political history.

McCarthy, reflecting on these events, expressed doubts about the wisdom of another vote to remove a Speaker. He seems to suggest that the party should avoid further internal strife and focus on stability.

Yet, the rule that allows any member to motion for the removal of the Speaker remains unchanged. This rule played a crucial role in McCarthy's ousting and continues to be a potential source of instability within the House of Representatives.

Addressing the rule, McCarthy commented on the safety of the new Speaker's position, indicating that a repeat of his own experience is unlikely in the current term.

McCarthy's reflections on his removal reveal his concerns about the impact of such events on the party. He pointed out that removing him as Speaker did not address the underlying divisions within the Republican ranks. This situation, according to McCarthy, requires healing and introspection if the party is to effectively serve the American people.

McCarthy's Call for Party Healing

Amidst ongoing political challenges, McCarthy emphasized the need for the Republican Party to heal its internal divisions. He sees this as crucial for the party to fulfill its duties to the electorate effectively.

His call for healing comes at a time when the government faces significant challenges, including potential shutdowns and policy gridlocks. This situation underscores the importance of unity and effective leadership within the party.

McCarthy's statement about the party's need to heal reflects his concern for the broader implications of internal conflicts. He noted, "We're still wondering whether government's going to be shut down or not. We're going to have to heal ourselves to be able to serve the people."


The events surrounding Kevin McCarthy's removal as Speaker and the subsequent fallout continue to reverberate within the Republican Party. The main aspects of this ongoing political story include:

  • McCarthy's criticism of Gaetz, Mace, and Burchett for their roles in his removal as Speaker.
  • His belief was that the party would benefit from Gaetz's absence.
  • Concerns over the future political prospects of Mace and Burchett.
  • The lingering potential for Speaker removal under current House rules.
  • McCarthy's emphasis on the need for party unity and healing.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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