Former FBI Informant Who Lied About Joe And Hunter Biden Is Arrested

 February 23, 2024

In a surprising turn of events, a former FBI informant with ties to Russian intelligence has been detained once again.

Former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov re-arrested on charges of lying.

Alexander Smirnov's freedom was short-lived as federal prosecutors in California successfully sought his detention after a Nevada judge had initially granted him release with GPS monitoring.

The arrest took place during what was meant to be a routine meeting with his legal team, a move that Smirnov's attorneys argue contradicts the idea that he presents a flight risk. They expressed their dismay, stating that Smirnov was arrested for a second time on the same charges on Thursday morning while he was at their law office for meetings with counsel.

The Re-Arrest Raises More Questions

Smirnov's misleading statements have played a central role in the impeachment investigation by House Republicans, highlighting the seriousness of his allegations and their possible effects on political events. His conditions of release seemed to indicate a certain level of confidence in him, but recent events have cast doubt on this trust. Smirnov's role in the impeachment inquiry is significant, as it emphasizes the importance of his statements and their potential influence on the political landscape.

The focus on Smirnov in political discussions has intensified, particularly after he acknowledged receiving information from sources connected to Russian intelligence. His lawyers pointed out, "Smirnov was taken back into custody based on a warrant from the court he intended to visit voluntarily when needed" to show his readiness to follow legal processes.

Charges and Intelligence Ties Cast a Shadow Over Legal Proceedings

Smirnov's ties to Russian intelligence and the timing of his interactions with their officials have brought a new dimension to the case, suggesting potential implications for U.S. elections.

Officials noted that Smirnov admitted that some information about Hunter Biden came from 'officials associated with Russian intelligence' and that Smirnov had claimed to have met with Russian intelligence officials just months ago. This acknowledgment raises concerns about the credibility of his statements and the possible motivations behind them.

Moreover, the nature of Smirnov's charges and his role as an informant brings to light the delicate balance between national security interests and the integrity of the judicial process. The special counsel David Weiss's office, responsible for charging Smirnov, has remained silent, further cloaking the case in a veil of uncertainty.

The California arrest warrant and subsequent re-arrest in Nevada suggest that authorities may consider Smirnov a significant risk despite his legal team's assurances. His case is set to proceed in California, indicating that the judicial process is taking its course, yet the implications of his actions and associations continue to stir controversy.


Alexander Smirnov, a former FBI informant, has been re-arrested on charges of lying about President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden after initially being released under certain conditions. Smirnov's case is particularly sensitive, given his previous role as an informant and the weight his false statements have had on the House Republicans' impeachment inquiry.

His admitted connections with Russian intelligence only add to his actions' intrigue and potential ramifications. As the legal proceedings move forward, the intersection of political intrigue and legal scrutiny will likely remain at the forefront of public discourse. The case's progression in California will be closely watched as it unfolds, with many awaiting clarity on Smirnov's claims and their implications for the political landscape.

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