Former Earth Day Co-Founder and GOP Lawmaker Pete McCloskey Dies at 96

 May 9, 2024

Pete McCloskey, known for his critical stance against his own party and environmental advocacy, has passed away at 96, AP News reported.

The passing of McCloskey signals the conclusion of a significant era in U.S. political and environmental history. As a Republican representative for California's 12th Congressional District, he was known for his readiness to confront established norms within his party.

His vocal support for environmental initiatives and his strong commitment to these causes have had a lasting impact on American politics.

A Storied Career in Politics and Advocacy

A fourth-generation Republican, McCloskey represented California's 12th Congressional District for 15 years. His political journey was notable for his legislative achievements, his outspoken nature, and his willingness to challenge the status quo within his party.

In 1972, McCloskey made headlines with his presidential run against the incumbent Richard Nixon, underscoring his opposition to the Vietnam War and sparking significant media attention.

McCloskey’s career was distinguished by his environmental activism. He played a crucial role in the crafting of the Endangered Species Act of 1973, a testament to his dedication to environmental issues. His efforts were instrumental in fostering a broader environmental awareness, which was further amplified by his involvement in the establishment of Earth Day.

Shifting Political Landscapes and Lasting Impacts

In his later years, McCloskey became increasingly disillusioned with the direction of the Republican Party, particularly during the administration of George W. Bush.

This disillusionment led him to switch parties in 2007, a move that highlighted his commitment to his principles over party loyalty. He candidly expressed his frustrations in a 2006 primary against Richard Pombo, criticizing Pombo's efforts to dismantle the environmental legislation he had once helped to create.

In a 2008 interview with The Associated Press, McCloskey expressed his discontent with the modern GOP, stating, "It was foolish to run against him (Pombo), but we didn’t have anybody else to do it, and I could not stand what a------ they’d become."

His public statements and actions echoed this sentiment, reflecting a man who was unafraid to stand alone if it meant upholding his values. Joe Cotchett, a law partner and longtime friend, remarked on McCloskey’s unique character in the political landscape: "McCloskey was a rarity in American politics — his actions were guided by his sense of justice, not by political ideology."

McCloskey's Legacy and Personal Life

Beyond his political and environmental achievements, McCloskey's military service in the Korean War, where he received the Navy Cross, among other honors, stood as a testament to his courage and dedication. After his time in Washington, he retired to rural Yolo County, embracing a quieter life while still engaging in political advocacy and legal practice.

McCloskey's enduring influence is seen in the legal and environmental spheres through his foundational work on the Endangered Species Act. His advocacy helped to galvanize a generation, leading to significant political and environmental reforms. Denis Hayes, a co-organizer of Earth Day, captured this sentiment by describing McCloskey as a “powerful champion of endangered species” who ironically became one himself.

In conclusion, Pete McCloskey's life and career encapsulated a range of roles, from a war hero to a congressman and from a staunch Republican to an independent thinker who eventually left the party. He is survived by his wife, Helen, his longtime press secretary whom he married in 1978, and four children from his first marriage. His legacy remains a powerful reminder of one individual's impact on national policy and public consciousness.

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