Former Dallas Cowboys G Tony Hutson Dead At 49

By Victor Winston, updated on February 13, 2024

The football world mourns the loss of a memorable player.

Former Dallas Cowboys guard Tony Hutson has passed away at the age of 49, leaving behind a legacy of determination and strength.

Tony Hutson's journey from high school stardom to the professional football field is a testament to his resilience. Battling health issues that could have ended his career before it even started, Hutson defied the odds. He was not just a player; he inspired many, including his teammates, demonstrating that a true athlete's spirit transcends the sport's physical confines.

Hutson's career began to shine at MacArthur High School in Texas, where he was a standout offensive tackle. His talent and passion for the game led him to Kilgore College and Northeastern Oklahoma State University, where he honed his skills and prepared for the big leagues. Despite facing a significant challenge when a benign tumor was discovered on his lung in 1996, Hutson's determination never wavered.

A Hero's Journey Through Adversity

Randall Godfrey, a former teammate, remembered Hutson for his contribution on the field and the joy he brought off it. In his obituary, Godfrey recounted how Hutson's sense of humor was as impactful as his performance in the game. Hutson's willingness to contribute to football camps and make others laugh was a hallmark of his character.

He made several trips to Valdosta to help with my annual football camps. I cherished every moment that he had me crying after laughing so hard. You caught us off guard with this one. Take your rest, my brother. Gone too soon.

Diagnosed with a lung tumor during a physical examination by the Raiders, Hutson feared his football days were over. Nevertheless, this setback only served as a pivot point in his life, reminding him that there is life beyond football. This episode was a hurdle and a turning point that showed his unmatched strength and determination.

From Challenge to Triumph

After undergoing surgery, Hutson was signed by the Dallas Cowboys as a free agent, a move that revitalized his career and aspirations. Spending a season on the practice squad taught him patience and resilience, culminating in his memorable first game in 1997 against the Washington Redskins. His tenure with the Cowboys, where he played 17 of his 20 NFL games, highlighted his prowess and indomitable spirit.

Hutson's journey took him from the Cowboys to the Washington Redskins and eventually to a brief stint with the Raiders, where an unfortunate triceps injury led to his release before the regular season began in 2001. Despite the abrupt end to his career, Hutson's legacy as a fighter and a beacon of hope for many remains untouched.


Tony Hutson's story is one of resilience, demonstrating how persevering through life's challenges can shape a career and a legacy. A standout offensive tackle in high school and college, Hutson faced a pivotal health challenge that threatened his career. Nevertheless, he overcame this adversity, playing significant years with the Dallas Cowboys, briefly with the Washington Redskins, and enduring an abrupt end to his career with the Raiders.

Randall Godfrey's words paint a vivid picture of a man whose humor and humanity touched everyone around him, leaving a lasting impact beyond the football field. Tony Hutson’s departure is a poignant reminder of the human spirit's power to rise above adversity and inspire those left behind.

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