Former Congresswoman Betty Holzendorf Dead At 84

By Robert Cunningham, updated on March 1, 2024

Florida's political landscape lost a towering figure this week.

Former Florida Senator and Representative Betty Holzendorf has died at 84.

With a career that spanned over a decade in the Florida legislature, Holzendorf was a formidable presence in Northeast Florida politics. She served with distinction, first as a Representative and then as a Senator, dedicating her life to public service. Her passing marks the end of an era defined by her tireless advocacy and spirited dedication to her constituents.

A Life of Service and Dedication to Florida

Betty Holzendorf's political journey began in the Florida House of Representatives, where she served from 1988 to 1992. Her dedication to public service was further solidified with her election to the Florida Senate, where she represented her constituents from 1992 to 2002. Holzendorf's commitment to her community was unwavering, even as she pursued the mayoral seat in Jacksonville in 2003, demonstrating her passion for local governance.

Holzendorf was not only a political figure but also an academic one. She held degrees from Edward Waters University and the University of North Florida, contributing significantly to the educational fabric of the state. Her impact on education was profound, with a master's in educational administration shaping her advocacy in the legislature.

The University of North Florida recognized her contributions by naming a street on campus in her honor. This symbolic gesture stands as a testament to her lasting influence on education and the community she served so diligently.

A Legacy Etched in the Hearts of Floridians

Holzendorf's impact on Florida politics was matched by her personal life, where she was part of a formidable political duo. Her husband, King Holzendorf, served two terms on the Jacksonville City Council from 1995 to 2003. Together, they were a prominent fixture in Jacksonville's political scene, dedicated to serving their community with integrity and compassion.

Her legacy is not just in the halls of government but also in the lives she touched. Holzendorf was a fierce advocate for issues that mattered deeply to her, such as education, affordable housing, healthcare, and the environment. Her dedication to these causes made her a respected figure across party lines.

A street bearing her name at the University of North Florida is a daily reminder of her commitment to education and public service. It is a path walked by students who embody the future she worked so hard to brighten.

Tributes Pour in for a Trailblazing Leader

The Duval County Democratic Party released a heartfelt statement on Holzendorf's passing:

One of our city’s legendary leaders and proudest Democrats, former State Senator Betty Holzendorf, has passed today. Words cannot express the deepest gratitude and honor we have for her dedicated service to our community. A fierce advocate for education, affordable housing, healthcare, and the re-nourishment of the beaches, Betty always exuded integrity, a fighter spirit, and a love for our city. Duval Dems and the residents of Jacksonville are forever grateful for her dedicated service to our community. We send our condolences and deepest sympathies to the Holzendorf family. May her memory forever endure — Rest in Power.

This statement encapsulates the deep respect and admiration that Betty Holzendorf commanded. The outpouring of tributes from across the political spectrum reflects the impact of her many years of service. She was a leader who transcended partisan politics to focus on the greater good of her community.


The end of Holzendorf's life is a moment for reflection on a career marked by a relentless pursuit of a better world for the people she served. Betty Holzendorf's passing at the age of 84 is the closing of a chapter in Florida's history and a moment to acknowledge the indelible mark she left on the state's political and social landscape.

Her advocacy for education, affordable housing, healthcare, and environmental issues carved a legacy that will endure beyond her years. The Duval County Democratic Party's tribute captures the collective sentiment of a community mourning the loss of a revered public servant. As the state grapples with this loss, her memory endures, inspiring future generations to serve with the same fervor and dedication.

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