Former Biden Official Involved in Trump Trial Had Past DNC Payments

 May 6, 2024

New revelations show Democratic ties that raise concerns about the fairness in the prosecution of the former president.

Breitbart News reported that Matthew Colangelo, a former Biden's Justice Department official, received $12,000 for consulting services from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in 2018.

These payments now spotlight potential conflicts of interest as Colangelo holds a key prosecutorial position in former President Donald Trump's trial over business records in New York.

Insight Into Colangelo's DNC Connections

Federal Election Commission records confirm that on January 31, 2018, the DNC compensated Colangelo with two payments of $6,000 each. At that time, his role focused on political consulting, which was far from his current judicial responsibilities.

This discovery has triggered a response from critics who suggest that his past financial connections to the DNC could influence his professional judgment in handling cases related to high-profile Republicans such as Trump.

Representative Lance Gooden (R-TX) brought the concerns to a broader audience, who pointed out the conflict inherent in Colangelo’s role. “Biden's top DOJ hitman, Matthew Colangelo, was PAID thousands of dollars by the DNC,” said Gooden.

Colangelo's Background and Legal Engagements

Before his involvement in Trump’s trial, Colangelo served at the New York Attorney General's office as deputy attorney general for social justice. His role shifted to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office under District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who has spoken highly of Colangelo's extensive knowledge of the Trump Organization.

Colangelo’s legal endeavors against Trump include spearheading a 2018 lawsuit against the Trump Foundation, accusing it of misusing charitable assets – a case that resulted in the foundation agreeing to dissolve in December that year.

Alvin Bragg has appreciated Matthew Colangelo's intricate understanding of the Trump Organization, which has been vital in the ongoing legal proceedings. This rapport is set against the backdrop of Trump's trial, which commenced its second day on April 16, 2024, amid political and public scrutiny.

Political Repercussions and Calls for Transparency

Gooden has escalated the issue by demanding transparency from higher authorities. “Now he is prosecuting President Trump in a coordinated trial to save Biden’s failing campaign," he added, suggesting political motivations behind the prosecution.

Representative Gooden called for accountability, stating, “I am demanding Garland & Bragg turn over ALL records related to Colangelo!” This statement encapsulates the broader call for investigating any undue influences stemming from Colangelo's previous political affiliations.

As the trial progresses, the focus remains sharply on Colangelo’s historical financial ties with the DNC and its potential impact on the proceedings. The unfolding situation poses significant questions about the integrity of the judicial process in politically sensitive cases, reflecting a division that runs deep through the political landscape of the United States.

In conclusion, the recent disclosures about Matthew Colangelo's payments from the DNC intensely examine his current role in Trump's trial. The balance between previous political affiliations and current judicial responsibilities remains a central theme, as does the overarching integrity of the trial.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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