Former Biden Adviser With Business Links To China Seen At Hunter Biden's Trial

 June 5, 2024

Observers recently spotted Francis "Fran" Person, a former top adviser to President Joe Biden, at Hunter Biden's gun trial, highlighting their longstanding personal and business associations.

Francis Person's presence emphasizes his deep ties with the Biden family and his connections with influential Chinese figures, Fox News reported.

Fran Person has built a complex network over the years, intertwining personal loyalty with international business. His attendance in Delaware during the jury selection for Hunter Biden's trial showcases the depth of his relationship with the Biden family, a relationship described by observers as him being "like a son" to Joe and Jill Biden. This connection extends beyond mere personal bonds, venturing into shared business interests.

Expansive Business Ventures Linking East and West

After concluding his stint at the White House in 2014, where he served as an adviser and special assistant to then-Vice President Joe Biden, Fran Person embarked on substantial business ventures. He co-founded Harves Global Entertainment, a firm linked to the China-based Harves Century Group. His business partners include Bo Zhang, linked to a family with high standing in China and apparent ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

This business alliance has been prolific, continuously communicating about various ventures. In a 2015 email, Person praised Zhang's virtues and connections, painting a picture of potential future projects. He wrote, "They are a great family with great respect and relationships in China," and described Zhang as a brilliant but humble individual destined to continue his family's legacy.

During these international dealings, Fran Person's connections to Hunter Biden were closer than mere business acquaintances. The person went beyond offering moral support during Hunter’s challenges, such as his divorce in 2017, discussing substantial financial aid, and trips to China to solidify their business relations.

Deeper Ties Revealed Through Communication

Fran Person, Hunter Biden, and Bo Zhang did not limit their debated business ventures to minor projects. The subjects of their communications ranged from raising significant funds to detailed future collaborations. In expressing his loyalty, Fran Person’s messages resonated with deep personal commitment, exemplifying his dedication to his ventures and the Biden family.

Person reassured Hunter Biden in one message about moving forward financially, stating, "100K at least gets me until next month." Their discussions often revolved around finances, partnerships, and projecting their future together in various commercial enterprises. This complex intertwining of personal loyalties with high-stake business dealings underscores the intricate tapestry of their relationships.

As these business contacts developed, so did the ambiguity around the ownership and stakes in various affiliates of Harves. Despite these uncertainties, the cordial and strategic relationship Fran Person and Hunter Biden planned out was poised to explore lucrative future endeavors.

With Fran Person's political background as a Congressional candidate in 2016 and his extensive connections within China, his maneuvers have always been strategic; whether discussing potential projects or extending financial help, his legacy within the spheres of politics and business demonstrates a blend of personal allegiance and professional insight.

A Relationship Cemented by Personal and Financial Bonds

The familial relationship further cements the bond Fran Person has developed with the Bidens. Not only did his sister work closely with Hunter at Rosemont Seneca Partners, but she also transitioned to a role in the Vice President's office.

This mesh of personal connections, business deals, and familial ties highlights a multifaceted relationship across continents, cultures, and economic landscapes. As they face new trials and public scrutiny, the resilience of these bonds will be continually tested.

In summary, Fran Person's appearance at Hunter Biden’s trial is not just a sign of personal support. It is indicative of the lengthy and intertwined relationships that have been built over many years among Fran Person, Hunter Biden, and both of their families. Their ties encompass deep personal connections and expansive business ventures, influencing the other amidst their public and private lives. This situation encapsulates blending personal loyalty with ambitious, global business aspirations.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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