Former 76ers Player Drew Gordon Passes Away at 33 After Portland Car Crash

 June 1, 2024

Drew Gordon, a well-regarded basketball figure whose professional career spanned multiple countries, has died unexpectedly.

According to Breitbart, Drew Gordon's life was cut short in a tragic car accident in Portland, Oregon, marking a profound loss for the global basketball community.

He was just 33 years old. The fatal incident was confirmed by his agent, Calvin Andrews, and widely reported by the Daily Mail. Gordon, who had recently retired from professional basketball, was known not just for his athletic prowess but also for his international career, which saw him play across Europe and beyond.

Diverse International Career Beyond the NBA

Drew Gordon's basketball journey was a testament to his talent and adaptability. Undrafted in the 20123 NBA Draft, Gordon did not let this setback halt his ambitions. He soon moved to Serbia to start his professional career.

His international career was expansive, with Gordon playing in Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, France, Lithuania, Turkey, and Italy. These stints highlighted his ability to adapt and excel in diverse basketball cultures and styles.

Although his time with the NBA was brief, Drew Gordon made a noteworthy contribution during his tenure with the Philadelphia 76ers. In 2014, he played in nine games for the team, demonstrating his capability on one of basketball's biggest stages.

Remembering Drew Gordon: A Family's Perspective

Calvin Andrews, Drew Gordon's agent, shared his feelings about the loss, "Gordon was killed in the accident in Portland, Oregon. His death is not just a personal loss but also a significant loss to the basketball community that knew him as an incredibly hardworking and dedicated player."

Drew is also mourned by his family, notably his brother, Aaron Gordon, who is a prominent figure in the sport playing for the Denver Nuggets. The bond between the brothers was forged on and off the basketball court, and Drew's influence on Aaron's career has been profound.

Gordon's death has stirred a wave of tributes from across the sports world, with fans and fellow athletes expressing their condolences and sharing memories of his career. The photograph from an October 20, 2014, NBA game, where Drew played against the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center, has become a poignant reminder of his talent and brief but impactful NBA career.


Leading up to his retirement last year, Drew Gordon's career decisions reflected a professional winding down after years of competitive play. His retirement was celebrated as a capstone to a globe-trotting career filled with personal achievements and professional challenges.

The basketball world has lost a player who was as much a traveler as he was an athlete. Drew Gordon's journey through the realms of professional basketball across continents brought different cultures together through sport, illustrating the universal appeal and unifying power of basketball.

Drew Gordon's unexpected death has not only left a void in the lives of his family and friends but also the basketball community worldwide. His journey from an undrafted player to a celebrated international athlete encapsulates a remarkable career cut tragically short. As the sporting world remembers him, his legacy is celebrated through the memories he created on and off the court.

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