FNC Analyst Claims Cohen Exhibits Perjury Again In Testimony

 May 15, 2024

Jonathan Turley, a contributor at Fox News, expressed significant doubts about the reliability of Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's former attorney, during his latest court testimony.

During his appearance on Fox News, Turley suggested that Cohen might have committed perjury once more during his statements in a recent New York legal case against Trump.

Jonathan Turley shared these concerns on FNC's "Hannity," a prime-time program hosted by Sean Hannity. In their discussion, Hannity questioned Cohen’s reliability, setting the stage for Turley’s observations.

According to Breitbart News, the dialogue between the two highlighted Cohen’s historical inconsistency and questionable ethics, particularly pointing out how Cohen's actions, like secretly recording Trump, conflict significantly with ethical norms.

Turley elaborated on the weaknesses he perceived in the prosecution's approach in this case. He was especially critical of how the prosecution planned to rest their case following Cohen’s testimony despite failing to establish a clear criminal element or sufficient evidence supporting their claims.

Analyzing The Prosecution's Strategy

Turley went on to criticize the judicial process in this case, commenting on the merits of a directed verdict motion. He posited that any competent judge would find the prosecution's lack of evidence an insult and likely grant the motion.

Jonathan Turley stated, "If he sends this to the jury, he is sending a case to a jury where no crime has been stated and even core factual issues remain very much in doubt."

Referencing the confounding elements of the case, Turley expressed his inability to understand the exact nature of the alleged crime or the specific corrections needed in financial documentation related to Trump.

The Complexity of the Case

Jonathan Turley criticizes the handling of a high-profile legal case, noting the uncertainties and lack of convincing arguments from the prosecution, which resulted in a metaphorical 'shrug' for them.

He emphasizes the need for clarity and substantial evidence in legal proceedings to maintain public trust in the justice system. He underscores the broader issues of managing such cases, pointing to a need for reform and greater accountability.

Turley's commentary highlights the importance of integrity and proper evidence in trials, especially those with significant political implications, and calls for reevaluating prosecutorial strategies to ensure justice is effectively pursued in politically charged cases.


Jonathan Turley, a Fox News contributor, expressed significant doubts about Michael Cohen's reliability in his recent court testimony against Donald Trump, suggesting Cohen might have committed perjury. During an appearance on "Hannity," Turley discussed Cohen's historical inconsistencies and unethical actions, such as secretly recording Trump.

Due to these shortcomings, Turley criticized the prosecution's case for lacking sufficient evidence and a clear criminal element, questioning the judicial process and the potential for a directed verdict.

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