Fetterman Demands Menendez Be Expelled

 December 2, 2023

In a striking moment on ABC's "The View," Senator John Fetterman called for his colleague Senator Bob Menendez's expulsion from the Senate.

Senator Fetterman's appeal for Senator Menendez's removal follows the expulsion of Congressman George Santos from the House.

Senator Fetterman's remarks came against the backdrop of recent Congressional actions. Earlier that day, the House voted to expel Representative George Santos, marking a significant moment in congressional discipline.

A Comparison with George Santos

Fetterman drew parallels between Santos' case and Menendez's situation. He suggested that if the House deemed Santos' actions worthy of expulsion, the Senate should consider a similar stance for Menendez.

Senator Menendez has faced serious allegations in recent years. In 2018, he was federally charged in connection with a bribery scheme. The charges involved accusations of accepting bribes in return for influencing decisions that favored certain businessmen and the Egyptian government.

These charges against Menendez have prompted a wave of concern within the Senate. Over a dozen Democratic senators have publicly called for his resignation, signaling a growing unease within his party.

The Gravity of the Allegations

Addressing the severity of the allegations, Fetterman argued that Menendez's actions were more "sinister and serious" compared to Santos' fabrications. This distinction, according to Fetterman, warranted a reevaluation of Menendez's position in the Senate.

"You might have heard that Congress just expelled George Santos. If you are going to expel Santos, how can you allow somebody like Menendez to remain in the Senate? And you know, Santos’ lies were almost funny, and like he, you know, landed on the moon. That kinda stuff. Whereas, you know, Menendez I think is really a Senator for Egypt, not New Jersey."

This statement by Senator Fetterman on "The View" encapsulates the crux of his argument. He questions the consistency of Congressional actions in dealing with ethical breaches among its members.

Timeline of the Events

The controversy surrounding Menendez dates back several years. In 2018, federal charges were brought against him, alleging his involvement in a bribery scheme. This has been a cloud over his political career ever since.

Contrastingly, the case of Representative Santos is more recent. The House moved to expel him in January 2023, with the final vote occurring on Friday. The same day, Senator Fetterman made his bold statement on "The View."

The juxtaposition of these events highlights the shifting landscape of political accountability in Washington, bringing to the forefront the question of ethical standards in public office.

Public and Political Reactions

The reactions to Fetterman's statement have been varied. While some applaud his stance on accountability, others caution against hasty comparisons between the two cases.

In the political arena, the call for Menendez's resignation from over a dozen Senate Democrats signifies a growing rift within the party. This division stems from differing perspectives on how to handle allegations of misconduct among their ranks.

Public opinion is similarly divided. Some view the charges against Menendez as sufficient grounds for his expulsion, while others argue for due process and caution against prejudgments.

Implications for the Senate

The call for Senator Menendez's expulsion raises significant questions about the Senate's approach to internal accountability. It also casts a spotlight on the standards to which elected officials are held. This situation is a test of the Senate's resolve in upholding ethical standards. It may set a precedent for how similar cases are handled in the future, influencing the culture of accountability in Congress.

  • Senator John Fetterman called for Senator Bob Menendez's expulsion on ABC's "The View," comparing him to the recently expelled Congressman George Santos.
  • Menendez was charged in 2018 for participating in a bribery scheme, allegedly taking bribes for favoring certain businessmen and the Egyptian government.
  • Over a dozen Senate Democrats have called for Menendez's resignation, highlighting internal party divisions.
  • The controversy raises questions about the consistency and standards of ethical conduct in Congress.

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