Federal Judge Denies Trump's Request For E. Jean Carroll Case Retrial

 April 27, 2024

Former President Donald Trump encountered a significant legal defeat recently.

According to Newsweek, Judge Lewis Kaplan dismissed his petition for a new trial concerning the $80 million lawsuit lodged by E. Jean Carroll, upholding the substantial amount in damages previously awarded.

In this high-profile legal battle, E. Jean Carroll accused Donald Trump of sexual assault, an incident that allegedly occurred in the mid-1990s in a Manhattan department store dressing room. Following Trump's denial of these claims, which were judged to be falsehoods by a jury, Carroll initiated a defamation lawsuit, resulting in a hefty financial verdict against Trump.

Judicial Decision on Compensatory Damages

The debate on the nature of the compensatory damages awarded to Carroll was a focal point of Judge Kaplan's latest ruling.

He emphasized that the damages granted were neither ordinary nor excessive, but rather aligned with the severity of the offense and the subsequent consequences.

Judge Kaplan's assertion reflected his careful consideration of the nature of the awarded compensatory damages, "Contrary to the defendant's arguments, Ms. Carroll's compensatory damages were not awarded solely for her emotional distress; they were not for garden variety harms; and they were not excessive, for all of the reasons stated in Ms. Carroll's opposition brief."

The January 2023 ruling saw Carroll awarded $83.3 million. Trump, expressing his dissent, through his attorney Alina Habba, asked for this verdict to be either overturned or the awarded sum sharply reduced.

Trump's Legal Representation Expresses Discontent

Alina Habba expressed profound disagreement with the outcome, challenging the judicial perspective and the implications it carries for constitutional tenets.

She articulated concerns about what she perceived as judicial overreach. "We categorically disagree with Judge Kaplan's decision. It ignores long-standing constitutional principles and is a prime example of the lawfare raging across this country. We are confident that this decision will be overturned by the Second Circuit."

Subsequently, Trump complied with the legal requirement by posting a $91.6 million bond, inclusive of the original damages and accrued interest, as his legal issues continue to unfold, marked notably by a concurrent criminal trial regarding alleged hush money payments.


Media analysts have noted the particularly charged atmosphere surrounding these legal proceedings. MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin, commenting via social media, pointed out the surreal layer added by simultaneous testimonies in related high-profile cases.

These developments come amid an array of legal challenges faced by Trump, further stirring the national conversation about his past actions and their legal repercussions. This series of events underscores the deeply polarized views on justice and accountability as interpreted through the lens of high-stakes political figures.

The refusal of a new trial maintains the substantial damages initially awarded to E. Jean Carroll, anchoring a judicial stance that underscores severe repercussions for defamation linked to claims of sexual assault. This ruling not only impacts Trump financially but also keeps the intense legal scrutiny on him alive. As the consequences of this legal decision unfold, they will likely continue to influence public discourse and legal precedents regarding personal accountability and the repercussions of high-profile defamation cases.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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