Federal Grand Jury Investigates NYC Mayor Eric Adams Over Alleged Corruption

 June 10, 2024

A federal grand jury is examining evidence in a high-profile corruption investigation involving New York City Mayor Eric Adams, focusing on potentially illegal campaign contributions from the Turkish government.

According to the Daily Wire, the probe scrutinizes whether Adams took actions benefiting the Turkish government in exchange for campaign donations.

The Southern District of New York is leading the investigation, which centers on allegations that Adams' campaign received illicit contributions from the Turkish government.

Authorities are investigating whether Adams acted in exchange for these donations, with one individual connected to Adams receiving a federal subpoena that prohibits public disclosure.

Federal Authorities Execute Raids In Connection With Probe

Federal authorities have conducted raids on the homes of Adams' campaign fundraisers, a City Hall member, a transition team member, and a former Turkish Airlines executive.

These actions underscore the investigation's intensity and scope. The FBI confronted Adams and required him to surrender his cell phones and iPad, which were later returned.

A significant focus of the investigation is the free upgrades Adams received on Turkish Airlines flights. This detail has drawn particular attention as it highlights potential ethical violations and conflicts of interest involving the mayor.

Allegations Of Intervention In Safety Approvals

Another critical aspect of the investigation is Adams' alleged intervention with the Fire Commissioner to grant temporary occupancy for a Turkish consulate building that had not met safety standards. This intervention reportedly allowed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to open the consulate's 35-story tower in September 2021.

The building, costing $300 million, is the most expensive foreign mission project for Turkey. This aspect of the investigation raises questions about the influence of foreign governments in local politics and the implications of such actions on public safety and ethics.

Adams Denies Knowledge Of Investigation

Mayor Adams has repeatedly claimed not to know about the ongoing investigation. When asked about the latest developments, Adams insisted:

I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer. I’m Eric Adams — the mayor! Ex-cop! They don’t tell me stuff. Let it follow the process … Speak to the counsel. The counsel will explain to you the normal process.

The investigation's outcome could impact Adams' political future and the public's trust in local government. The case highlights the broader issue of foreign influence in American politics and the need for stringent campaign finance regulations.


A federal grand jury is investigating New York City Mayor Eric Adams for alleged corruption involving illegal campaign contributions from the Turkish government. The investigation, led by the Southern District of New York, focuses on Adams' actions potentially benefiting the Turkish government in exchange for these contributions.

Federal authorities have conducted raids and confiscated Adams' electronic devices as part of the probe. The investigation includes allegations of Adams intervening in safety approvals for a Turkish consulate building, raising concerns about foreign influence and public safety. Adams has denied any knowledge of the investigation, emphasizing his lack of legal expertise and deferring to his counsel.

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