Fed Prosecutor Turns on Letitia James Over Trump Trial

 November 11, 2023

In a surprising turn of events, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has criticized New York Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron for their handling of the civil fraud case against Donald Trump and the Trump Organization.

In the ongoing legal saga, McCarthy alleges that James and Engoron are pursuing the case without substantial evidence of actual losses or victims, challenging the basis of their legal actions against the former president.

At the heart of this contentious legal battle is the accusation that Trump and his organization inflated property values to secure favorable loan terms. The case, brought forward by Attorney General James, seeks a hefty $250 million in penalties and aims to prohibit Trump from conducting business in New York.

Trump has defended himself and his company, asserting that their financial statements were "very conservative," countering claims of fraudulent activity. His stance is clear: with no defaults and the banks fully repaid, Trump contends there are no victims in this scenario.

Adding to this, during his testimony earlier this week, Trump vehemently denied any fraudulent activities, stating, "So therefore there’s no fraud."

Questioning the Foundation of the Case

Further complicating matters is Judge Engoron's decision in September, ruling via summary judgment that Trump committed fraud against lenders and insurers. This ruling has now led to a non-jury trial, where the penalties for Trump and his organization are being deliberated.

Last week, the legal team representing Attorney General James presented evidence suggesting the Trump Organization saved approximately $168 million in interest payments through inflated valuations. However, this has been met with skepticism by McCarthy.

According to McCarthy, the absence of concrete evidence showing that the banks suffered losses or would have altered the loan terms significantly undermines the case's credibility, Western Journal reported.

Scrutiny Over the Legal Approach

McCarthy's argument hinges on the sophistication of the banks involved. Which, according to him, conducted their own valuations and thus could not have been defrauded. He further emphasizes that if there was substantive evidence of criminal fraud. The charges would have likely been brought forward by now.

Notably, McCarthy also points out that the banks themselves have not initiated legal action against Trump for any supposed losses, questioning the rationale behind the current legal proceedings.

In a recent development, Trump's attorneys have requested Judge Engoron to dismiss the case, citing a lack of compelling evidence to support the allegations of fraud.

Trump's Condemnation of Attorney General James

Trump's reaction to the lawsuit has been fierce and unequivocal. He has openly criticized Attorney General James, labeling her actions as a disgrace. Not only to the country but the state of New York.

Trump's critique extends beyond the specific charges, as he accuses James of engaging in a politically motivated attack. His words reflect deep-seated frustration with the legal challenges he faces.

"The attorney general of this state is a disgrace. Letitia James is a disgrace to our country and to the state of New York."

McCarthy's Perspective on the Case

McCarthy's critique offers a unique perspective on the case. He argues that the approach taken by James and Engoron is unprecedented. Further, he is claiming they are "inventing losses no one ever suffered."

This stance raises important questions about the integrity and motivations behind the case. McCarthy’s viewpoint suggests a potentially flawed legal strategy. It could have broader implications for how such cases are pursued in the future.

His observations have added a new dimension to the discourse surrounding this high-profile case. He's challenging the narrative put forth by the prosecution.

Conclusion: A Divided Opinion

The case against Donald Trump and the Trump Organization continues to be a subject of intense debate and scrutiny. The differing perspectives, from Trump's outright denial of any wrongdoing to McCarthy's criticism of the legal approach, illustrate the complexities and contentious nature of this legal battle.

  • Andrew McCarthy criticizes the legal approach of Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron in the civil fraud case against Trump.
  • Trump asserts that his company's statements were conservative and denies any fraud, claiming there are no victims.
  • James' team has presented evidence of financial gain through inflated valuations, but McCarthy questions the basis of the lawsuit.
  • Trump's lawyers have moved for the dismissal of the case, citing lack of evidence.

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