FDA Investigates Illnesses Linked To Non-Psychedelic Chocolate Bars

 June 10, 2024

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an alert concerning the health risks associated with a brand of chocolate bars purportedly for microdosing.

Mushroom-infused "microdosing" chocolate bars have led to hospitalizations, prompting an FDA investigation. These products may cause severe reactions, including nausea and seizures.

According to Fox News, reports of severe health reactions have prompted a federal investigation into Diamond Shruumz microdosing chocolate bars.

The FDA's recent advisory highlighted the concerning trend of hospitalizations linked to these products, which are marketed to provide a euphoric feeling without the inclusion of psilocybin or other controlled drugs.

Consumers Endure Severe Health Symptoms

According to the agency, symptoms experienced by consumers include seizures, unconsciousness, heightened agitation, irregular heart rates, and severe nausea. These reactions necessitated medical intervention, with some cases demanding hospitalization.

The consumer health incidents related to the Diamond Shruumz brand have been reported from multiple locations, indicating a potentially widespread issue.

Despite the severe reactions, no fatalities have been reported thus far. However, the severity of the conditions has led to significant concern among health officials.

Company Claims Product Safety Amid Complaints

Diamond Shruumz maintains that its chocolate bars are devoid of psilocybin, amanita mushrooms, and any other federally outlawed substances. It asserts the safety and enjoyment of its products in its promotional materials.

Before the FDA's alert, the company promoted its chocolates as having "a leg up" on conventional confections. Its goal was to provide a unique experience to consumers without employing psychedelic ingredients.

However, the label and marketing strategies have come under scrutiny due to their potential appeal to a younger audience, raising additional concerns about the inadvertent consumption of these products by minors.

Ongoing Investigation by Health Authorities

In collaboration with America’s Poison Centers and state and local partners, the FDA and CDC are investigating a series of illnesses associated with eating Diamond Shruumz-brand Microdosing Chocolate Bars.

Given the potential risks, the FDA has issued a stern warning on its website: "Do not eat, sell, or serve Diamond Shruumz-Brand Microdosing Chocolate Bars." This ongoing investigation seeks to uncover how a product declared safe by its producer could lead to such severe health complications. The clarity of the outcomes will also help guide future regulatory measures on similar unconventional food products.

The controversial chocolate bars meant for a "safe and enjoyable experience" have led to serious health scare incidents. These incidents include hospitalizations from severe symptoms like seizures and loss of consciousness, sparking an intensive investigation by various U.S. health authorities. As this situation unfolds, the health and safety of consumers remain paramount in the ongoing actions of the investigating bodies.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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