FBI Releases New Biden Evidence

 December 19, 2023

The FBI's discovery of tapes featuring James Biden, brother of President Joe Biden, has raised serious questions within the political sphere. The tapes allegedly reveal James Biden engaging in business deals potentially involving the Biden family and yielding substantial financial gains.

These tapes suggest that from 2015 to 2019, the Biden family business ventures generated approximately $24 million, primarily through more than 20 shell companies.

Central to the controversy is Lion Hall Group, a company under James Biden's control. This entity is suspected of being a key player in these business dealings, with many of James Biden's ventures, including those captured on the FBI tapes, operating through it.

Scruggs and the Bidens: A Complex Web

Dickie Scruggs, a prominent trial lawyer, also figures prominently in these tapes. Scruggs, known for his influence and connections, allegedly sought to leverage James Biden's relationship with his brother, Joe Biden, to negotiate deals with tobacco companies.

The recorded tapes reveal various interactions, including a boat trip where James Biden and Scruggs discussed a potential partnership. This partnership was focused on asbestos lawsuits, a lucrative area in the legal field.

Scruggs' connections with the Biden family extended beyond James. He reportedly provided Joe Biden with transportation on his private plane to a fundraiser and had interactions with other Biden family members at a University of Mississippi football game.

Investigation into Biden Family Business Deals

While James Biden and his ventures have come under scrutiny, it is important to note that neither he nor his brother, Joe Biden, were charged or accused of wrongdoing in Scruggs' case. However, this has not stopped the House from opening an investigation in November 2022 into the Biden family's foreign business deals.

The investigation seeks to unravel the complexities of these business arrangements and ascertain whether there was any misuse of influence or other forms of wrongdoing during Joe Biden's tenure in federal office.

It's a situation mired in intricate business dealings, high-profile personalities, and the potential blurring of personal and political lines. The FBI tapes are central to understanding the full scope of these activities.

The Lion Hall Group at the Center of Controversy

James Biden's role in Lion Hall Group and its various business ventures has become a focal point in this narrative. The company's involvement in negotiations and alleged use of shell companies to facilitate business deals is at the heart of the investigation.

The revelation of these tapes by the FBI adds another layer of complexity to the Biden family's business dealings. While not directly implicating Joe Biden in any wrongdoing, the contents of these tapes raise questions about the extent of the family's business activities while he held federal office.

"Took James Biden on a boat trip while discussing a potential partnership on asbestos lawsuits. Flew Joe Biden on his private plane to a fundraiser. Met with Biden family members at a University of Mississippi football game."

These snippets from the tapes highlight the extent of the Bidens' interactions with influential figures like Scruggs, providing a glimpse into the world of high-stakes business and politics.

Scruggs' Influence and Connections with the Bidens

The ties between the Bidens and Dickie Scruggs are indicative of the interconnected nature of business and politics. With his history as a trial lawyer and extensive network, Scruggs represents a key figure in this saga.

His attempts to use James Biden's influence with his brother, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to broker deals demonstrate the potential overlap between personal relationships and professional dealings in politics.

As revealed in the FBI tapes, the boat trip and other interactions between Scruggs and the Bidens paint a picture of the behind-the-scenes negotiations and relationships that often go unnoticed by the public.

A Complex Web of Business and Politics

The story of the Bidens, as unfolded in these tapes, is one of complex business ventures, political influence, and the blurred lines between personal and professional realms. It's a narrative that has caught the attention of both the public and the authorities, leading to a House investigation into the matter.

While still in its early stages, the investigation aims to shed light on the extent of the Bidens' business dealings and whether any laws or ethical boundaries were crossed during Joe Biden's time in federal office.


  • The FBI has tapes of James Biden in business negotiations potentially involving the Biden family.
  • From 2015 to 2019, the Biden family's business ventures reportedly earned $24 million.
  • Lion Hall Group, controlled by James Biden, is central to these dealings.
  • Dickie Scruggs, a trial lawyer, attempted to use James Biden's influence in his negotiations.
  • Neither James nor Joe Biden were accused of wrongdoing in the Scruggs case.
  • A House investigation is underway into the Biden family's foreign business deals.

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