FBI Raids Home Of Top Aide To NYC Mayor Eric Adams

By Victor Winston, updated on February 29, 2024

An unexpected FBI raid at the Bronx residence of Winnie Greco early Thursday morning has sent ripples through New York City's political landscape.

The operation is part of a broader federal investigation into Mayor Eric Adams' 2021 campaign, specifically probing allegations of illicit funding from the Turkish government.

Winnie Greco, a prominent adviser and fundraiser for Mayor Eric Adams, finds her home under scrutiny by federal agents. The property, nestled in Pelham Bay, was engulfed in activity as agents searched. It's been two years since Greco has served the Adams administration, notably as a special adviser and the director of Asian Affairs.

The association between Greco and Adams extends beyond the professional realm, highlighted by their appearance together during the 2021 Mid-Autumn Moon Festival at Gracie Mansion. This event, symbolizing unity and celebration within the Asian community, now contrasts starkly with the current atmosphere of investigation and suspicion.

Investigation Illuminates Concerns of Foreign Influence

The ongoing probe shines a light on Greco and the broader fundraising mechanisms of the Adams campaign. With the FBI's confirmation of the raid at Winnie Greco's 1447 Gillespie Avenue residence, questions about the integrity of political fundraising practices have intensified.

This investigation emerges on the heels of similar actions taken against another key Adams fundraiser, Brianna Suggs, coupled with the seizure of the mayor's electronic communication devices. It suggests a painstaking effort by federal authorities to peel back the layers of campaign financing within the Adams election bid.

A spokesperson for the FBI Field office provided this statement: "As we have repeatedly said, we don't comment on matters that are under review, but will fully cooperate with any review underway."

The assertion of possible illicit foreign contributions from the Turkish government introduces a complex and troubling dimension to this saga. These contributions, allegedly funneled through straw donors, expose a potential vulnerability in the sanctity of electoral processes.

Political Repercussions and Administrative Response

In response to these developments, Mayor Adams has vehemently denied any misconduct, emphasizing his administration's adherence to legal standards and ethical principles. The absence of comment from Winnie Greco further enshrouds the investigation in mystery.

The City’s Department of Investigation had previously flagged concerns about Greco's fundraising activities, raising questions about personal benefits derived from her administrative role. Despite these looming shadows, Adams maintains that his political challenges are driven by racial bias, asserting that the scrutiny is disproportionately levied against his administration, which prominently features individuals of color.

Our administration will always follow the law, and we always expect all our employees to adhere to the strictest ethical guidelines. As we have repeatedly said, we don't comment on matters that are under review, but will fully cooperate with any review underway.

As this investigation unfolds, the implications for Mayor Adams and his administration are profound. Trust in public office, the sanctity of electoral processes, and the integrity of political fundraising are all at stake.


The FBI raid on Winnie Greco's home underscores a pivotal moment for New York City's political environment. Amid allegations of illicit foreign contributions and ethical breaches, the fabric of confidence between the public and its elected officials faces a rigorous test. As investigations continue, the outcomes will not only shape the future of those directly involved but could redefine standards of accountability and transparency in political fundraising.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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