FBI Caught Lying About Jan 6 Pipe Bomb As Scandal Explodes

 January 23, 2024

A shadow looms over the January 6 Capitol riot investigation.

Republican Congressman Thomas Massie has raised serious allegations suggesting law enforcement involvement in the planting of pipe bombs during the January 6 Capitol riot.

Questions Arise Over Pipe Bomb Investigation

During the upheaval of January 6, 2021, two pipe bombs were discovered outside the DNC and RNC headquarters. This incident has been pushed to the periphery of discussions by the Democrats, according to Rep. Massie. He criticizes their focus on other events of the day while seemingly neglecting this serious threat.

Video footage released exhibited a lax response from law enforcement upon discovering the explosive devices. Adding to the controversy, Vice President Kamala Harris was reported to be in proximity to the bombs, a fact that the Department of Justice initially misstated. The Secret Service also failed to detect the bombs during their security sweep.

The January 6 committee, with Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson at the helm, has been criticized for barely mentioning the pipe bomb incident in its final report. The following year, Vice President Harris compared the Capitol riot to other significant historical attacks but omitted any reference to the pipe bombs.

Scrutiny Over Law Enforcement Response

The surveillance footage capturing an individual planting the bombs was criticized for its poor quality. Further complicating matters, the FBI reported that data from the cellphone company, which could have been crucial in tracking the suspect, was corrupted and ultimately unusable. Rep. Massie has openly questioned the plausibility of such a data failure.

Rep. Massie stated:

Every modern data system keeps backup. I don’t believe it could be corrupted without the ability to recover it.

The bombs, described as "viable" and connected to a 60-minute timer, remained undetected for 17 hours and were found almost simultaneously. The former top FBI Washington official, D'Antuono, who led the investigation, appeared to lack crucial details about the case. Despite numerous cameras in the area and a significant reward, the FBI has yet to identify the suspect.

Public Trust in Federal Agencies Under Fire

Rep. Massie's inquiries extend to the technical aspects of the bombs and the subsequent investigation process. Revolver News initially brought the story into the spotlight, which questioned the competence of law enforcement's response to the situation. Massie's visit to the bomb sites underscored the abundance of surveillance equipment that should have aided in a more swift and decisive investigation.

Massie's stern critique of the FBI, ATF, and Secret Service reflects a growing concern for accountability. He insists on a more transparent investigation to uphold the integrity of these federal agencies. Massie also emphasizes the need to interrogate the individual who found the bomb, suggesting that critical information remains undisclosed.

In Massie's words:

This looks really bad for the FBI, ATF, anyone involved, Secret Service. To defend the integrity of their organizations they need to provide answers.


The allegations by Rep. Massie introduce a disturbing possibility of law enforcement involvement in the January 6 pipe bomb incident, raising questions about the handling and investigation of the bombs.

The apparent lack of emphasis on this incident by Democrats, the inadequate response from law enforcement, and the unsatisfactory quality of surveillance footage have all contributed to the suspicion of a coverup. The inability of the FBI to identify the suspect, despite the presence of extensive surveillance, adds to the skepticism surrounding the federal agencies' commitment to transparency and accountability.

Massie's call for answers seeks to restore public trust and ensure that all aspects of the January 6 incident are thoroughly investigated.

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With years of experience at the forefront of political commentary, Robert Cunningham brings a blend of sharp wit and deep insight to his analysis of American principles at the Capitalism Institute.

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