Fani Willis Rejects Jim Jordan’s Request for Information

 October 14, 2023

Amidst growing tension, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis denies Rep. Jim Jordan's plea for details on her Trump investigation.

Willis recently declined to share further details about her probe into former President Donald Trump and 18 others with House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jim Jordan.

Notably, this isn't the first time Willis has responded to Jordan's requests. Just over a month ago, she addressed his inquiries with a rather sharp letter. The contents of this letter were later made public by CNN.

In her letter, Willis suggested two possible interpretations of Jordan's actions. One, is that he might be unaware of the stipulations of both the United States and Georgia Constitutions. Alternatively, and more concerning, he might be using his position to hinder a criminal prosecution in Georgia.

Willis further emphasized the baselessness of Jordan's probe into her investigation. She highlighted the significant confidentiality interests tied to an ongoing criminal case and raised concerns about federalism and the separation of powers.

Previous Confrontations Between Willis and Jordan

In response to an earlier request from Jordan in September, Willis accused the congressman of trying to obstruct a state criminal case. She also mentioned his "outrageous partisan misrepresentations."

She firmly stated that the Constitution doesn't provide any grounds for Congress to meddle in state criminal affairs. Jordan's attempts were seen as a direct violation of this principle, Spectrum News reported.

However, Jordan didn't remain silent. He retorted by suggesting that Willis's "hostile response" only strengthened the Judiciary Committee's worries. He insinuated that her actions seemed more politically motivated than a genuine pursuit of justice.

Jordan's Justification for Congressional Oversight

Jordan defended his inquiries by stating that federal lawmakers must ensure that local prosecutors don't misuse their authority for political gains. Especially when it comes to targeting federal officials.

He further explained that his committee is considering the possibility of introducing legislation. This would safeguard both former and current presidents from state and local prosecutions driven by political motives.

As for the case against Trump, he faces 13 charges in Fulton County. These include racketeering and soliciting a public officer to breach their oath. Trump, who has consistently denied any wrongdoing in the 2020 election, has entered a plea of not guilty.

Upcoming Trials Related to the Case

The trial for the first two co-defendants, lawyers Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro is scheduled to commence on October 23.

Another individual involved, Scott Hall, a bail bondsman, admitted guilt to five misdemeanor charges last month.

As part of his agreement with the prosecutors, he will serve a five-year probation period and will be a witness in subsequent court proceedings and trials.


  • Fani Willis denies Jim Jordan's request for more details on her investigation into former President Trump and 18 others.
  • Willis has responded to Jordan's inquiries with sharp letters, suggesting he might be trying to obstruct a state criminal case.
  • Jordan defends his actions, stating the need for oversight to prevent misuse of authority by local prosecutors.
  • Trump faces multiple charges in Fulton County and has pleaded not guilty.
  • Trials for co-defendants in the case are set to begin soon.

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