Fani Willis Cellphone Data Has Many Calling For Her To Be Indicted And Disbarred

 February 26, 2024

In the wake of a scandal, integrity is called to the stand.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is at the center of a burgeoning controversy involving alleged perjury and misconduct.

Alleged Misconduct Raises Eyebrows and Concerns

Cellphone records have cast a long shadow over the office of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, revealing a pattern of visits to her residence by prosecutor Nathan Wade that predate his official hiring. This information, brought to light by the legal team of former President Donald Trump, raises uncomfortable questions about the timing of their admitted relationship.

The data indicates that Wade was a frequent visitor to Willis's condo, suggesting a pre-hiring intimate relationship contrary to their public statements.

Steve Sadow, Trump's attorney, utilized technical data from cell towers to track Wade's movements, questioning the narrative presented by Willis and Wade. Their relationship, confirmed to have begun after Wade's hiring in November 2021, seems contradicted by the trail of digital breadcrumbs leading to Willis's front door. The implications of these findings bear heavily on the credibility of the district attorney's office and the integrity of the judicial process.

Amidst these revelations, calls for Willis's disqualification are growing louder, with co-defendant Michael Roman citing the relationship and financial dealings as a conflict of interest. The case against former President Trump, which Willis hoped to try in late summer, now trembles on the brink of disruption due to these allegations.

Financial Dealings and Legal Fees Under Scrutiny

The financial aspects of Willis's relationship with Wade have come under intense scrutiny. While three special prosecutors were hired at the same rate, records show that Wade alone received a staggering $654,000 in legal fees from Fulton County over two years. Critics are concerned that Willis's decision-making may have been influenced by personal gain, pointing to the financial windfall as indicative of potential favoritism or misconduct.

The question of whether Willis may have financially benefited from her relationship with Wade extends beyond the legal fees. Accusations of enjoying dinners and vacations on the county's dime paint a picture of a district attorney who may have blurred the lines between professional responsibilities and personal indulgence. The public trust, once broken, is a hard thing to restore.

The District Attorney's office has denied any wrongdoing, maintaining the data does not refute their testimony. However, the defense of their actions is increasingly overshadowed by the mounting criticism and the potential implications for the case at hand.

Public Figures Weigh In on the Controversy

Public figures have not hesitated to voice their opinions on the matter. Megyn Kelly, known for her outspoken commentary, remarked on the investigative prowess of Trump's legal team:

Stunning that Team Trump got their hands on this in the Fani Willis case. More evidence that these two prosecutors lied, under oath. They’re looking at perjury charges and worse. Discipline from the Bar. And there is zero chance they can stay on this case. It’s DONE.

Similarly, political commentator Ryan Fournier highlighted the frequency of Wade's visits to Willis's residence. At the same time, Juanita Broaddrick did not mince words, labeling Willis as "lying TRASH" and calling for her indictment and disbarment. The controversy has not only filled the court documents but has spilled over into social media, where opinions are as varied as they are vehement.


The controversy enveloping Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has put her in the hot seat, with serious allegations of perjury and misconduct stemming from her relationship with prosecutor Nathan Wade. The scrutiny of cellphone data has opened the door to questions about the integrity of the legal proceedings against former President Donald Trump.

While a trial was sought for late summer, these developments may cause significant delays. Financial discrepancies, such as the $654,000 in legal fees paid to Wade, have added fuel to the fire of public criticism. With figures like Megyn Kelly and Ryan Fournier weighing in, the social media discourse is ablaze. As the facts stand, the trust in the judicial system hangs in the balance, and the final verdict on Willis's career and credibility is yet to be delivered.

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