Fani Willis Caught On Camera Claiming She Wouldn’t Date People Working Under Her

 January 21, 2024

Amidst swirling controversies, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis faces allegations of a personal relationship with a subordinate.

A recently surfaced video from April 2020 reveals Willis pledging not to engage in romantic relationships with staff members, contrasting with current allegations involving prosecutor Nathan Wade.

During her 2020 campaign for district attorney, Willis made a clear stance on workplace relationships. She asserted that dating subordinates would be inappropriate for someone in her position. This statement has gained renewed attention following allegations of her involvement with Wade, whom she appointed for the high-profile Trump criminal case.

The path to controversy

The timeline of events raises questions about the integrity of Willis' conduct. Her commitment during the campaign now contrasts starkly with the present allegations.

Willis was elected as Fulton County DA, and it was after this election that her alleged relationship with Wade reportedly began, Daily Wire reported.

It wasn't until January that Willis appointed Wade to the Trump case, a significant move given the case's visibility and importance. The surfacing of the video from her campaign in April 2020 has only amplified the scrutiny, with many pondering the implications of these allegations on her role and the case at hand.

Willis, in the 2020 video, expressed her concerns about the potential distractions and inappropriateness of such relationships. "I certainly will not be choosing people to date that work under me," she stated, emphasizing the ethical considerations paramount in her role.

Willis' words revisited

Willis' comments in the video, unearthed by the Free Beacon, highlight the complexity of personal relationships in professional settings. She touched on the societal context of relationships, acknowledging that while personal matters often intersect with professional life, a line must be drawn, especially in positions of power.

Willis said, "Let me just say that, you know, we are at a place in society where things happen and people’s relationships, a husband and wife, sometimes they are outside relationships." She added, "I don’t think that that’s what the community is concerned about. Although there, you know, there might be a moral breaking in that."

While Willis discussed the potential legal and moral repercussions of such actions, she emphasized the importance of focusing on duties rather than personal entanglements. Her foresight in 2020 regarding the possible consequences of such relationships casts a shadow over the current allegations against her.

Reflecting on the implications

The allegations against Willis and her involvement with Wade bring to the fore critical questions about professional ethics and accountability.

These claims, if true, could not only affect her reputation but also the integrity of the office she holds.

This situation underscores the complex interplay between personal and professional lives in public office. It also highlights the need for clear boundaries and ethical standards, especially for those in positions of authority.


The contrast between Willis' campaign promises and the current allegations poses a significant challenge to her credibility.

It also raises broader questions about the conduct expected of public officials and the consequences of failing to adhere to those standards.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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