Fani Willis Accuses Estranged Wife Of Special Prosecutor Is Obstructing Case Against Trump

 January 20, 2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis finds herself at the center of a complex legal battle. This controversy involves not only former President Donald Trump but also her appointed special prosecutor, Nathan Wade, and his estranged wife, Joycelyn Wade.

The crux of the issue revolves around allegations of obstruction in Willis’ high-profile election interference case against Trump, with additional accusations of an inappropriate relationship between Willis and Wade adding to the turmoil.

Ashleigh Merchant, a defense lawyer in the election interference case, has brought forth claims that District Attorney Fani Willis engaged in a romantic liaison with Nathan Wade. This claim has spiraled into a subplot in the ongoing divorce proceedings between Nathan and Joycelyn Wade. Last week, Joycelyn Wade's attorney issued a subpoena aiming to question Willis, a move that Willis' counsel deems as an attempt to "harass and damage" the DA and derail the Trump case.

Further complicating matters, the divorce filings between Nathan and Joycelyn Wade are currently sealed. However, media outlets are actively seeking to unseal these documents, potentially shedding light on the nature of the relationship between Willis and Wade. Willis, on her part, has defended her decision to hire Wade citing his qualifications but has steered clear of addressing the relationship allegations directly.

Intersecting Legal Battles Raise Eyebrows

The timeline of events paints a convoluted picture. Willis' involvement in the case against Trump began following the 2020 Presidential Election. By fall 2022, she had brought in Nathan Wade as a special prosecutor. The following months saw the escalation of Wade's divorce proceedings, coinciding with Merchant’s allegations in January.

Merchant's accusations extend beyond the personal to the financial. She alleges that Nathan Wade has used funds from the case to finance vacations with Willis, US News reported.

These trips, according to Merchant, include destinations like Napa Valley, Florida, and the Caribbean. Such accusations, if proven true, suggest not just personal impropriety but also misuse of public resources.

Amidst these allegations, a legal showdown is imminent. A hearing is scheduled for February 15 to deliberate on Merchant's motion, with prosecutors required to respond by February 2.

This hearing could prove pivotal in determining the future course of both the election interference case and the personal legal battles of the involved parties.

Legal and Ethical Implications Abound

At the heart of this controversy is the question of ethical conduct in legal proceedings. The implications of the alleged relationship between Willis and Wade, if confirmed, could cast a shadow over the integrity of the election interference case.

It raises concerns about conflict of interest and the potential for decisions to be influenced by personal relationships rather than legal merit.

Willis' lawyer has been vocal in dismissing the subpoena served by Joycelyn Wade's lawyer as baseless. They argue that it serves no purpose other than to cause harm to Willis’ professional standing and to obstruct the ongoing criminal case against Trump.

Merchant's detailed motion last week brought the issue to the forefront, suggesting financial gains for both Willis and Wade from the prosecution. Her assertion that their relationship led to a conflict of interest and profit at the taxpayers' expense only adds fuel to an already fiery situation.

Merchant wrote, "We believe her filing in Cobb County is just another attempt to avoid having to directly answer the important questions Mr. Roman has raised. She accused Willis of trying 'to create a conspiracy where none exists,' noting that she filed her motion on the deadline for pretrial motions in the election case."

A Complex Web of Professional and Personal Dynamics

The intertwining of professional obligations and personal affairs in this case presents a unique challenge. While the legal proceedings in the divorce case are separate from the election interference case, the allegations brought forth have created an overlap that is difficult to ignore. The potential impact on the election case, which is of significant public interest, is of particular concern.

As the situation unfolds, the legal community and the public alike await the outcomes of the upcoming hearings. These proceedings will not only determine the course of the high-profile election interference case but also shed light on the ethical standards upheld within the legal system.


The controversy surrounding Fulton County DA Fani Willis, Nathan Wade, and Joycelyn Wade presents a multifaceted legal drama.

With allegations of personal relationships intertwining with professional duties, financial improprieties, and potential obstructions to a significant criminal case, the upcoming hearings are set to be closely watched.

The outcome of these proceedings will have far-reaching implications for the integrity of the legal system and the public's trust in it.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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