Factcheckers Decide McCarthy’s Impeachment Evidence Against Biden Is TRUE

 September 17, 2023

It's a surprising turn of events as CNN's fact-checkers confirm the validity of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's evidence for Joe Biden's impeachment inquiry.

CNN's fact-checking team validated the impeachment inquiry evidence presented by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

CNN's admission came as a shock to many. The network's fact-checkers confirmed that the evidence McCarthy provided regarding the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden was indeed accurate.

CNN's unexpected acknowledgment

McCarthy expressed his gratitude towards CNN for their acknowledgment, emphasizing that every accusation that led to the impeachment inquiry was true.

McCarthy pointed out the significance of the headlines and the fact checks, noting that everything was verified as true. This revelation was brought to light by CNN reporters Annie Grayer, Marshall Cohen, and Daniel Dale in their fact-checking article.

The team at CNN scrutinized six allegations made by McCarthy during his impeachment inquiry announcement. While some were deemed true, others were said to lack context. However, none of McCarthy's claims were proven false by CNN.

Breaking down the claims

The first claim CNN looked into was whether Biden family members and associates had received $20 million through a series of shell companies.

CNN confirmed this as true for Biden's family and associates but mentioned there's no evidence yet regarding Joe Biden's direct involvement. The purpose of an impeachment inquiry is to investigate such claims further.

Another allegation was that an informant had suggested Joe and Hunter Biden had received bribes. CNN acknowledged the tip given to the FBI in 2020 by a credible informant but stated that the actual bribery allegation remains unproven.

The impeachment inquiry aims to delve deeper into such claims, Breitbart reported.

CNN also investigated whether Joe Biden had engaged in calls and dinners with his son's business partners. While CNN didn't label the claim as true or false, it's known that Biden did attend such dinners and calls.

Further allegations and their implications

Another claim was about the Biden family members' financial transactions being flagged as suspicious.

CNN didn't directly confirm or deny this but acknowledged the existence of numerous suspicious activity reports related to the Biden family's financial transactions. The impeachment inquiry will further explore any potential wrongdoing.

CNN also examined the claim that then-Vice President Joe Biden used his powers to benefit his son's business.

While CNN didn't label this as false, they mentioned that there's no public evidence to support the claim. The impeachment inquiry will further investigate this matter.

The final claim was whether Joe Biden had lied about his knowledge of his family's business dealings. CNN admitted that Biden's denials had been inconsistent over time, essentially confirming McCarthy's claim. The impeachment inquiry will seek to uncover more about this.

Implications for the future

The revelations from CNN's fact-checking team have significant implications for the political landscape.

It's rare for a major news outlet to validate the claims of a political figure, especially when it concerns something as serious as an impeachment inquiry.

While the fact-checking process has shed light on several claims, it's essential to remember that the purpose of an impeachment inquiry is to investigate these allegations further.

Only time will tell what the outcome will be and how it will impact the Biden administration.

For now, all eyes are on the impeachment inquiry and the subsequent investigations. The truth will eventually come to light, and the American public will be watching closely.


  • CNN's fact checkers confirm the validity of McCarthy's impeachment evidence against Biden.
  • Several of McCarthy's claims were verified as true, while others were said to lack context.
  • The impeachment inquiry will further investigate these allegations to determine their accuracy.
  • The revelations have significant implications for the political landscape and the Biden administration.

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