Ex-Obama Adviser Says Biden Facing ‘Big Problem’

 February 3, 2024

The growing discontent among Arab and Muslim voters in Michigan is casting a long shadow over President Joe Biden's administration.

Amid the war in Gaza, President Biden's support for Israel has ignited a storm of protest from this crucial voting bloc, leading to the launch of an "abandon Biden" campaign.

This unexpected backlash comes from a community that overwhelmingly supported Biden in the 2020 elections, with more than three-quarters casting their vote for the Democratic ticket.

Traditionally, Arab Americans in Michigan have been staunch supporters of the Democratic Party, drawn by its inclusive policies and advocacy for minority rights. However, the recent war in Gaza and President Biden's stance on Israel have caused a significant rift. Accusations of enabling genocide in Gaza are grave and have resonated deeply within the Arab and Muslim communities, leading to a palpable sense of betrayal.

Arab and Muslim voters launch "Abandon Biden" campaign

In a dramatic turn of events, some of these voters have initiated an "abandon Biden" campaign, expressing their disillusionment and anger through protests and public declarations.

CNN recently featured interviews with Muslim students and a former Biden campaign staffer from Michigan, all voicing their opposition to the President's current policies. The shift in sentiment is stark, with the former staffer emphatically stating he would not vote for Biden again, even if it risked aiding a re-election campaign for former President Donald Trump.

This sentiment was further echoed in protests where participants dubbed the President "Genocide Joe," accusing him of funding actions they see as genocidal. Such terms, once unthinkable in Democratic circles, highlight the depth of the current divide. It's a startling development for a President who has long prided himself on building bridges across communities.

The situation was succinctly summarized by Van Jones, a former adviser to President Obama, who highlighted the gravity of the challenge facing Biden. Jones pointed out the particularly damning nickname "Genocide Joe," which has taken hold among younger voters in the Arab American community. This moniker reflects not just a policy disagreement but a profound disillusionment with Biden's administration.

Voters demand action beyond promises

Jones emphasized the need for Biden to reconnect with a disaffected base. He said:

It’s a big problem for him right now. Four syllables are aimed at him. ‘Genocide Joe.’ That is becoming something you’re hearing from the younger people, the younger voters in the Arab American community. I think that he can turn it around, but you’ve got to be honest right now. You’ve got disappointment in the base with how he’s handling the war in Gaza. Now, the reality is Joe Biden has deep ties and long friendships in the Muslim community and Arab communities. He can get back there but he’s got his work cut out for him right now.

The President's long-standing relationships within these communities could serve as a foundation for rebuilding trust, but the task appears daunting against the backdrop of current grievances.

The repercussions of this estrangement could extend far beyond Michigan's borders. As a pivotal state in national elections, losing support among Arab and Muslim voters could have significant electoral implications.

Political repercussions loom large

The former Biden campaign staffer's stark admission that the current presidency feels indistinguishable from Trump's to some voters further highlights the administration's precarious position. "It probably will. We have seen four years of Trump and we have seen four years of Biden and people don’t see a difference between the presidents," he remarked. This perception, if widespread, could erode the Democratic Party's foundation, challenging its core narratives of inclusivity and progressive policy.

As the 2024 election horizon looms, the stakes could not be higher for President Biden and the Democratic Party. Re-engaging with disillusioned voters, addressing their concerns, and altering policy directions where feasible will be crucial steps in mending fences. The administration's ability to navigate this complex political terrain will likely define its prospects in the upcoming election cycle.

Biden's support erodes among Arab and Muslim voters in Michigan

President Joe Biden faces a significant backlash from Arab and Muslim voters in Michigan due to his support for Israel amidst the Gaza conflict, leading to an "abandon Biden" campaign. This marks a stark shift from the 2020 election, where these communities heavily supported him.

Accusations of enabling genocide in Gaza have fueled protests and a deep sense of betrayal, distancing these traditionally Democratic supporters. The term "Genocide Joe" used in protests reflects the profound disillusionment.

Interviews reveal a strong opposition, with some voters stating they wouldn't support Biden again, highlighting a critical challenge for his administration to rebuild trust within these communities. This discontent could have wider political repercussions, threatening the Democratic foundation of inclusivity and progressive

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