Ex-NY Times Editor Says Staffers Pushed Narratives For Biden Election

By Victor Winston, updated on February 26, 2024

Adam Rubenstein, a former opinion editor at The New York Times, has criticized the publication's handling of certain news stories and its overall editorial approach, particularly regarding conservative viewpoints.

He has openly discussed the internal reluctance to fully credit the Hunter Biden laptop story due to concerns over its potential impact on Joe Biden's 2020 election prospects and has criticized the newspaper for preferring activism to journalism.

One striking claim from Rubenstein regards the Times' treatment of the Hunter Biden laptop controversy during the 2020 presidential campaign. Initially dismissed by the paper as "Russian disinformation," the story was only verified in 2022, a move that raises questions about the balance of journalism and political bias.

Rubenstein's concerns extend beyond a single news story. He suggests that The New York Times fosters an environment that's unwelcoming to conservative perspectives, to the detriment of balanced reporting. According to him, this approach affects not only the stories that are told but also the colors with which they are covered.

Calls for More Inclusive Editorial Practices

In his critique, Rubenstein emphasizes the need for The New York Times to incorporate more diversity of thought within its ranks, particularly advocating for the inclusion of editors and reporters with conservative backgrounds. Such a move, he argues, would help rectify the prevailing bias and better represent a wider range of perspectives.

Rubenstein recounted a personal experience during his orientation, where his discussion about engaging with right-of-center audiences was met with resistance. He was told directly that such approaches were not welcome, highlighting the paper’s internal culture clash with conservative views.

Highlighting another instance of perceived bias, Rubenstein mentioned the controversy around James Bennet's forced resignation in 2020. Bennet, another former opinion editor at The Times, was left under pressure following backlash over the publication of an op-ed by Senator Tom Cotton, further underscoring the tension between conservative content and the publication's editorial standards.

A Broader Perspective on Editorial Challenges

In defense of its editorial policies, a spokesperson for The New York Times stated:

Our Opinion section’s commitment to publishing diverse views — including those that are unpopular, controversial or heterodox — is unwavering. That was true before the publication of Senator Cotton’s guest essay in June 2020 and remains true today. Indeed, we’ve only furthered that promise to our readers, offering an even more diverse mix of voices in Opinion than we did four years ago. However, the commitment to publishing diverse opinions cannot be used as cover for bad process or shoddy work... None of that was Adam’s fault. As a junior member of the team, he deserved better editorial support and oversight.

While reaffirming the paper's commitment to diversity of views, this statement also acknowledges shortcomings in its editorial process. It reflects the broader challenges faced by media organizations in balancing diverse viewpoints, managing biases, and upholding journalistic standards.

Rubenstein's narrative presents a compelling case for introspection within The New York Times and perhaps the wider media landscape. It underscores the importance of a truly diverse range of perspectives in shaping a more balanced discourse, advocating for an approach to journalism that prioritizes fairness over ideology.


Adam Rubenstein's critique of The New York Times offers a rare glimpse into the internal dynamics of one of the world's leading newspapers. By raising issues related to bias, editorial standards, and the handling of specific news stories, he invites a broader conversation on the role of media in ensuring balanced and fair reporting. This dialogue, while difficult, is essential in an era where trust in media is both more important and more elusive than ever before.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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