Ex-Army Advisor Admits to Defrauding Military Families Out of Millions

 April 17, 2024

Caz Craffy's deceit has shattered lives.

Craffy, a former financial counselor to the US Army, pleaded guilty to defrauding millions of military families, exploiting their vulnerability following the loss of their loved ones.

According to Daily Mail, Craffy, 41, confessed to a complex fraud spanning from 2018 to 2022, in which he stole nearly $10 million from the survivor benefits of Gold Star families. These are families who have lost a loved one in military service. Entrusting Craffy with their finances, victims believed his actions were Army-approved. Instead, they were deceitfully funneled into private accounts he controlled.

Caz Craffy's criminal activities involved more than 1,000 unauthorized trades, depleting the victims' investments by over $3.4 million and earning him upwards of $1.4 million in commissions. The severity of Craffy’s transgressions is further highlighted by specific instances, such as trading away two-thirds of one widow's $400,000, intended for her children's education and her mother's care.

Craffy's manipulation extended to stealing from the youngest victims, including taking $50,000 from a 13-year-old's retirement savings. Under the terms of the plea deal, he faces a potential 8 to 10 years in prison and has agreed to sell personal assets like his home to repay his victims.

Legislation Tightens Financial Oversight in Military

The repercussions of this scandal have echoed beyond the courtrooms to the corridors of power. Newly enacted laws aim to tighten oversight over military financial counselors, ensuring that such exploitation does not occur again.

Commenting on the case, Attorney General Merrick Garland underscored the commitment of the Justice Department to justice for Gold Star families:

Those who target and steal from the families of fallen American servicemembers will be held accountable for their crimes. Nothing can undo these families' enormous loss, but we are dedicated to protecting them from further harm.

Strong words from Garland resonate with the sentiment across the nation, reflecting a stern stance on protecting the most vulnerable. This stance isn't just reactive; it promises a proactive shield against potential future offenses.

Craffy's Actions Stir National Outrage

Victims of Craffy's deception are relieved at the justice being served. Gold Star mom Sharon Hartz, whose son died serving the country, expressed her betrayal:
"It's unimaginable. He disrespected me. He disrespected my son. My family."

This sense of betrayal is palpable among all the families impacted. To them, Craffy's actions were not just a financial blow but a deeply personal insult to their sacrifice.

Natasha Bevard, whose husband Rodney C. Bevard took his own life in 2020 following an extensive military career, has commended the proposed legislation for protecting Gold Star families from financial exploitation, particularly during their most vulnerable mental states.

As the community reels from the revelations, they are fortified by legislative changes meant to safeguard their future. These changes are a silver lining, ensuring financial predators can't exploit the bereaved.


Caz Craffy’s sentencing is set for August 21, 2024, marking a potential end to a grim chapter for many military families. His crimes, spanning half a decade, have prompted a significant overhaul in how financial advisors are managed within the military. The collective hope is that such reforms will spare other families the pain experienced by those like Sharon Hartz and Natasha Bevard. For those affected, the saga is a stark reminder of vulnerability and the need for vigilant protection against exploitation.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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