Evidence Released In Death Of Obama Friend

 December 14, 2023

A tragic incident has come into clearer focus as new details emerge.

Documents recently unveiled reveal that Secret Service boats were inoperative during a rescue attempt for a friend of the Obamas.

On a summer day in July 2023, a distressing event unfolded near the coastal residence of the Obamas in Martha's Vineyard. Tafari Campbell, a chef well-known for his service to the former President, was paddleboarding when he met an untimely death by drowning.

Delayed Rescue Efforts Due to Inoperable Boats

It came to light that Secret Service agents, in their urgency to save Campbell, were hindered by their own equipment. Both of the Secret Service's boats were not functioning, a revelation that raises questions about the readiness of the agency's resources. This critical information came from records obtained by Judicial Watch through a lawsuit filed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

These documents included a report detailing agents' struggles with their boats. The first boat had a motor that wouldn't lower properly, and the second had a motor that refused to start. In a desperate move, agents had to use a boat owned by the groundskeeper to carry on with their search and rescue mission.

An agent from the Little Rock, Arkansas, office was also involved in the aftermath of the incident. This agent sent an email to his superior, briefing them on the situation and indicating the incident’s significance and reach.

Redacted Details and Withheld Information

The documents disclosed included 31 pages of records, two completely redacted pages, and one video entirely withheld. The redactions conceal the identity of a woman accompanying Campbell, known only as "Ms. Taylor." This withholding of information has stirred further intrigue and concern about the incident.

The released records also reveal that former President Obama was at the scene. He paused the search momentarily to converse with the eyewitness, showing his connection to the tragedy.

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, expressed his concerns about the faulty equipment on social media. His words reflect a deep disturbance about the state of the resources that were meant to safeguard and assist in emergencies.

Public Scrutiny Intensifies Over Incident

Fitton's tweet pointed to the malfunctioning Secret Service boats as a potentially significant factor in the outcome of the rescue effort. His statements suggest an undercurrent of frustration with the ongoing secrecy of the agency, especially concerning the withheld video footage.

Tom Fitton stated:

"It is disturbing that Secret Service boats did not work for this emergency situation. This new information perhaps explains why the Secret Service is still hiding video related to the tragic drowning."

The records from DHS reflect the thorough review process undertaken before the documents were released.

Witness Accounts and Official Responses

One agent provided a written account that gives a timeline from their perspective. The report describes the efforts to engage with the first responders and the pause in search activities as former President Obama spoke with the witness at the scene.

This email, sent by an agent from the Little Rock office, underscores the gravity of the incident and the Secret Service's immediate involvement:

"In case you get calls from HQ about the incident at Martha’s Vineyard regarding the drowning, I have attached a brief report of what happened and our involvement. No one has asked me for a report yet, but I’m sure they will."

Even though Judicial Watch has persevered in uncovering details, the full narrative remains partly obscured. The organization continues investigating, seeking transparency and answers through FOIA requests and litigation.


The distressing drowning of Tafari Campbell, former President Obama's chef, has been brought back to the forefront by recent findings. Secret Service boats were non-functional during the rescue attempt, requiring agents to use a borrowed vessel. Though partly redacted and with some information still withheld, the released documents have painted a complete picture of the incident's timeline and the response from both Secret Service agents and former President Obama.

  • Secret Service rescue efforts were delayed due to inoperable boats.
  • Judicial Watch's FOIA lawsuit unearthed new details about the incident.
  • Former President Obama personally engaged with the situation at the scene.
  • There is public scrutiny over redacted details and withheld information, including a video.
  • Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has raised concerns about the operational readiness of Secret Service equipment.
  • The investigation into the incident continues as more records are sought.

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