Embattled Hollywood Star Jonathan Majors Once Demanded Former Partner Act Like Michelle Obama

 December 14, 2023

The unfolding legal drama involving Jonathan Majors, a prominent Disney star, and his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, has sent ripples through Hollywood.

At the center of this controversy is the trial of Majors for alleged assault against Jabbari, marked by emerging evidence of abusive behavior.

Jonathan Majors, acclaimed for his performances in several blockbuster movies, faces serious allegations. He is currently on trial, accused of assaulting his girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. The case has drawn significant attention, owing to the nature of the charges and the Majors' stature in the entertainment industry.

A Pattern of Abusive Behavior Emerges

New evidence has surfaced, including text messages and audio recordings that shed light on the nature of the relationship between Majors and Jabbari. These pieces of evidence have been pivotal in the ongoing case, revealing a troubling side of the actor's personality.

One such evidence is an audio recording where Majors is heard berating Jabbari. He demands that she emulate the spouses of famous male leaders, criticizing her for returning home intoxicated on one occasion.

Moreover, text messages reveal Major threatening to end his life and discouraging Jabbari from seeking medical attention after sustaining a head injury. These messages suggest a pattern of manipulative and controlling behavior.

Jabbari's Testimony Reveals Escalating Rage

Grace Jabbari's recent testimony in court was eye-opening. She described a pattern of explosive anger from Majors that gradually intensified. Her account painted a stark picture of their relationship dynamic.

According to Jabbari, this escalating rage culminated in the alleged assault that occurred in the back seat of a car in March 2023. This incident led to the arrest of Majors and has become a central piece of evidence in the trial.

Her testimony has been crucial in providing context to the audio and text evidence, offering a glimpse into the troubled nature of their relationship.

Timeline of Events: From Texts to Trial

The events leading up to the trial provide a chronological understanding of the unfolding drama. Initially, in early September 2022, texts emerged showcasing Majors' suicidal threats and his attempt to dissuade Jabbari from medical treatment after a head injury.

The alleged assault took place in March 2023, marking a significant turn in their relationship. This incident ultimately led to Majors's arrest and the onset of legal proceedings against him.

Last week's testimony by Jabbari brought to light the pattern of explosive rage that she alleges led up to the assault, further complicating Majors' public and legal standing.

Contentious Audio Recording and Texts

The audio recording and texts are central to the case. In the recording, Majors can be heard demanding a level of conduct from Jabbari akin to that of the spouses of notable historical figures. He explicitly references Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama, setting them as examples for Jabbari to follow.

"Coretta Scott King, do you know who that is? That’s Martin Luther King’s wife. Michelle Obama, Barack Obama’s wife. The woman that supports me — that I support — needs to be a great woman and make sacrifices the way that man is making for her and for them ultimately. You did not do that, which was took away from the plan, and the plan is everything."

This excerpt from the audio recording highlights the demanding and controlling nature of Majors' expectations from Jabbari, reflecting a deeply troubling aspect of their relationship.

Impact on Majors' Career and Public Image

The ongoing trial and the nature of the allegations have had a significant impact on Majors' career and public image. Known for his roles in major films, this case has cast a shadow over his professional achievements.

The entertainment industry, particularly in recent years, has been increasingly scrutinized for how it handles allegations of abuse and misconduct among its stars. Majors' case is no exception and is being closely watched by the public and industry insiders.

As the trial progresses, the outcome could have far-reaching implications for broader conversation around accountability and behavior.

Legal Proceedings and Public Scrutiny

The legal case involving Majors unfolds in a society that is becoming more aware and concerned about domestic abuse and the conduct of public figures. This case has garnered considerable media attention, highlighting the increasing public interest.

In this case, the audio recordings and text messages are key to influencing public opinion, which sharply contradicts Majors' formerly positive public image.

As the trial progresses, examining Majors' behavior and the judicial system's handling of such prominent cases continue to be a major focus of interest and discussion.


  • Jonathan Majors is on trial for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.
  • Evidence includes audio recordings and texts showing abusive behavior.
  • Jabbari's testimony highlights a pattern of explosive rage by Majors.
  • The timeline of events ranges from early texts in September 2022 to the trial proceedings.
  • The case has significant implications for Majors' career and public image.
  • The legal and public response to the case reflects broader societal concerns.

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