Emails Show Biden got Special Treatment from Obama Ambassador

 October 28, 2023

The Biden and Obama administrations are facing scrutiny as new evidence suggests Hunter Biden received preferential treatment during his business trips to China.

Documents from the National Archives, procured by America First Legal, indicate that Hunter Biden was granted special treatment by the Office of the Vice Presidency and Barack Obama's ambassador to China for his 2014 business trips.

This discovery raises eyebrows, questioning why a private citizen like Hunter would receive such privileges during foreign business travels.

Despite Joe Biden's assertions that he never discussed business with his son, evidence from the House impeachment inquiry contradicts these claims.

Business Ventures in China

In 2014, Hunter embarked on a trip to China, where he initiated BHR Partners. This venture, established in 2013, is overseen by the Bank of China and manages billions globally.

Interestingly, Hunter's company, Skaneateles LLC, held a ten percent equity in BHR Partners. This stake is now under the control of his attorney, Kevin Morris, Breitbart reported.

During Joe Biden's vice presidency, he made 411 international trips. One notable journey was to Beijing in 2013, labeled as a family vacation. Just ten days post this visit, Hunter secured his interest in BHR Partners.

Collaboration with the Office of the Vice President

In May 2014, Ambassador Max Baucus and the Office of the Vice President actively collaborated with Hunter concerning one of his China trips. Emails from America First Legal reveal this collaboration.

Katie Dodge, Hunter's executive assistant, expressed gratitude to everyone who assisted in facilitating this travel.

While the emails don't specify Hunter's contacts during this particular China visit, Devon Archer, a close business associate of Hunter, disclosed some intriguing details to House investigators.

Joe Biden's Involvement

Devon Archer, who transferred his BHR Partners stake to his wife in 2017, revealed that Joe Biden was present on speakerphone during multiple Biden family business meetings.

One such call took place during a dinner in China with Jonathan Li, a co-founder of BHR Partners.

The House Oversight Committee recently announced its decision to subpoena Devon Archer, a close associate of the Biden family, for a deposition.


These revelations have raised several questions:

  • Why did Hunter Biden receive special treatment during his business trips to China?
  • How deeply was Joe Biden involved in his son's business dealings?
  • What implications might these findings have for the Biden and Obama administrations?

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About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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