Dozen Republicans Oppose Tom Emmer Taking Speakership

 October 22, 2023

As the race for the Speaker of the House heats up, House Majority Whip Tom Emmer faces significant opposition from within his own party as 12 Republicans oppose his bid.

Tom Emmer's aspirations to become the Speaker of the House seem to be in jeopardy. A growing number of GOP members, at least 12, have privately pledged not to support him.

Senior sources within the GOP have expressed their concerns. One mentioned, "At least 12 Republicans are opposed to Tom Emmer under any circumstances." Another added that the situation is escalating, stating, "This thing is blowing up."

The resistance to Emmer's candidacy has been mounting, especially after the recent events surrounding Rep. Jim Jordan's failed bid for the same position. Jordan's designation as Speaker-designate was revoked after he failed to secure enough votes, leading to Emmer's sudden entry into the race.

Granger's Role and Emmer's Stance

Rep. Kay Granger, the Chairwoman of the House Appropriations Committee, and other establishment politicians played a significant role in opposing Jordan. This has led to increasing demands for Granger's removal from her chair position.

Emmer, however, has remained silent on this issue, even after multiple inquiries. The upcoming Speakership election process is expected to be intense, with candidates having to declare their intentions soon.

The chosen nominee will then need to secure 217 votes on the House floor, a feat that seems challenging for Emmer at this point, Breitbart reported.

Emmer's relationship, or lack thereof, with former President Donald Trump, is also seen as a significant factor in the opposition he faces. Several sources close to Trump have labeled Emmer as a "Never Trumper."

Trump's Allies Voice Their Concerns

Statements from Trump's allies have been particularly scathing. One GOP strategist remarked, "Tom Emmer is an absolute never-Trump politician. He is Nancy Pelosi in a suit, but with less balls to do anything."

This statement refers to Emmer's defense of Rep. Ilhan Omar during a Trump rally in 2019.

Emmer had publicly disagreed with the "Send her back" chants directed at Omar.

McCarthy's Endorsement and Emmer's Competition

Despite the challenges, Emmer has received an endorsement from former Speaker Kevin McCarthy. However, this endorsement might not hold much weight given the current political climate within the GOP.

Emmer faces competition from several other candidates, including Rep. Kevin Hern, Rep. Jack Bergman, and Rep. Byron Donalds, to name a few. The upcoming week promises to be tumultuous, reminiscent of the recent events surrounding Jordan's bid.

Emmer's spokesperson remains hopeful, stating, "Whip Emmer is running to unite the conference and get back to working on behalf of the American people." However, given the mounting opposition and the challenges faced by Jordan, Emmer's chances seem slim.

Conclusion and the Road Ahead

  • Tom Emmer faces significant opposition from at least 12 Republicans in his bid for the Speaker of the House.
  • Emmer's relationship with former President Trump and his stance on certain issues have been points of contention.
  • Despite receiving an endorsement from Kevin McCarthy, Emmer's chances seem bleak given the current political climate within the GOP.
  • Several other candidates are also in the race, making the upcoming Speakership election process highly anticipated.

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About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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