Donald Trump wants to Biden’s illegal alien scheme

By Victor Winston, updated on September 9, 2023
Donald Trump has urged congressional Republicans to leverage the upcoming government funding battle to halt President Biden's policy of resettling illegal aliens in the U.S.

In a recent development, former President Donald Trump has expressed his deep concern over the Biden administration's handling of the border security and the resettlement of illegal aliens in the U.S. During a speech in Rapid City, South Dakota, Trump emphasized the urgency to act before 2025, urging the congressional Republicans to intervene and stop the use of tax dollars for the resettlement program.

Trump voiced his frustration over the dismantling of the progress he had made in securing the U.S. borders during his tenure. He insisted that the nation could not afford to wait until 2025 to address what he termed as a "horrible invasion."

Trump calls for immediate congressional action

The former president has called upon the Republicans in Congress to prevent Biden from utilizing any tax dollars for the release or resettlement of illegal aliens in the U.S. This call to action is timed with the government funding deadline slated for September 30.

Trump's call comes amidst reports suggesting that President Biden is contemplating a plan that would require many asylum seekers to stay in Texas. The former president emphasized that the time for discussions had passed, and it was now time for decisive action.

He highlighted the urgent need for congressional Republicans to step in and force a policy change to ensure border security, a topic expected to be a major battleground in the House, Breitbart reported.

Historical context of border security debates

Trump reminded the audience of the Democrats' history of dismissing his demands regarding border security, including a significant event in December 2018 when they opposed the allocation of four billion dollars for border wall construction, leading to a partial government shutdown.

However, he noted that the current dynamics are different, with Biden facing low popularity and acknowledgment of the border crisis from many, including individuals in his own party and media outlets such as the New York Times.

Trump believes that these factors could potentially energize his allies in Congress to press harder on this issue, leveraging the unfavorable circumstances faced by the Biden administration.

Trump highlights achievements of his tenure

In his speech, which lasted approximately 100 minutes, Trump took time to recount the achievements of his administration in the area of immigration and border security. He mentioned the negotiation of the "Remain in Mexico" policy and the deportation of thousands of illegal alien criminals.

Trump stated, "We created the most secure border in U.S. history, built nearly 500 miles of border wall, got Mexico to give us 28,000 soldiers … free of charge, while we were building the wall." He expressed disappointment over the halt of an additional 200 miles of construction initiated by Biden post his assumption of office.

He emphasized his commitment to terminate Biden's open border promises if re-elected, but stressed the necessity for congressional Republicans to act immediately.

Conclusion: A call for urgent action

As the speech concluded, Trump reiterated his call for urgent action, stating, "The time for talk is over—now is the time for action." He urged the congressional Republicans to act without delay to address the border crisis.

Trump's speech has indeed brought the border security issue back into the spotlight, urging a revisit of the policies and calling for a more secure America.

He left the audience with a strong message emphasizing the need for immediate action, urging the Republicans in Congress to take a stand and work towards securing the American borders.


  • Trump urges congressional Republicans to halt Biden's resettlement policy.
  • He emphasized the need for immediate action, not waiting until 2025.
  • Trump recounted the achievements of his administration in securing the borders.
  • He criticized the current administration for halting the progress made in border security.
  • Trump calls for a policy change to be initiated by the congressional Republicans.

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