Donald Trump Suggests Jack Smith To Be Fired

 January 5, 2024

At a time of increased political tension, former President Donald Trump's recent remarks have once again caused controversy.

Former President Donald Trump has openly declared he is prevailing in the court of public opinion against Special Counsel Jack Smith while lambasting President Joe Biden's administration.

In a revealing interview with Breitbart News, Donald Trump conveyed his conviction that he is leading the charge against Special Counsel Jack Smith's efforts. Trump vehemently accused Jack Smith of utilizing the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation as tools against him, painting himself as the target of political vendetta. Trump's assertive stance in the interview suggests a looming confrontation as he continues to argue that he is the rightful victor in the public's view.

Trump's Legal Battle and Presidential Immunity Claim

Amidst the ongoing legal skirmishes, Donald Trump has taken the aggressive step of moving to hold Jack Smith in contempt. This action comes as a response to Smith's continued legal proceedings in the January 6 Capitol riot case, despite an existing stay due to an appeal concerning Trump's claim of presidential immunity. The former president posits that his actions, particularly those taken before January 6, 2021, are shielded from legal prosecution.

Donald Trump has not shied away from making his opinions known regarding handling his defense. He has publicly criticized the court for attempting to silence him on key aspects of his defense strategy, including the assertion that Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused National Guard troops on January 6. Trump is adamant that Pelosi played a role in the lack of military presence that day, which he believes is a crucial element of the narrative.

The former president has also expressed his firm belief in the sanctity of presidential actions, especially those related to investigating the 2020 election results. Donald Trump stated: "A president has an obligation to study that, analyze that, see if it’s true."

Trump's Criticism of Biden and the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court's decision to decline an expedited review of Donald Trump's presidential immunity claim has prompted a significant delay in the case. This delay could potentially extend beyond the upcoming 2024 presidential election. Trump's frustration with this development is palpable, and he has not hesitated to aim his criticism at President Joe Biden, whom he holds responsible for the country's current trajectory.

Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear that he has serious reservations about the current administration. He alleges that President Biden has inflicted more harm on the United States than any of his predecessors, a bold claim that speaks to the depth of his disapproval. The tension between Trump and the Biden administration is a continuing theme, with Trump suggesting that the current president might face similar legal challenges in the future due to the precedent set now.

In his interview, Trump contemplates the consequences of the current legal environment, questioning the potential implications for future presidential accountability. He ponders, "Is he opening the door to allowing the next president because of the precedent he sets to go after him?"

Trump's Intent to Dismiss Special Counsel

Donald Trump has not only questioned the integrity of the ongoing legal processes but has also signaled his intentions should he return to the Oval Office. He has stated unequivocally that he would dismiss Jack Smith from his position as Special Counsel. Trump's stance reflects his broader dissatisfaction with what he perceives as political bias within the Justice Department.

Trump's willingness to take such decisive action against Smith is rooted in his belief that Smith is dishonest and politically motivated. As he looks ahead to the possibility of reclaiming the presidency, Trump's plans for Smith's employment stand as a bold statement of his intent to reshape the Justice Department. Meanwhile, President Biden has maintained Smith in his role despite the political pressure and the contentious atmosphere this has engendered.


  • Donald Trump believes he is winning public opinion against Jack Smith.
  • Trump accuses Smith and the Biden administration of political weaponization.
  • He has moved to hold Smith in contempt over the January 6 case proceedings.
  • Trump insists on his presidential immunity, especially regarding actions before January 6, 2021.
  • He criticizes the Supreme Court for delaying the review of his immunity claim.
  • Trump intends to fire Smith if reelected as president.

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