Donald Trump Declines to Testify in His Defense at New York Fraud Trial, Reversing Previous Stance

 December 10, 2023

In an unexpected turn of events, former President Donald Trump has decided not to testify in his defense in the ongoing civil fraud trial in New York. This decision comes as a reversal from his earlier stance.

The former President's announcement came a day before he was scheduled to appear in court, adding a new twist to the high-profile legal battle.

The trial, which began on October 2nd, revolves around allegations of financial fraud against Trump and the Trump Organization. Trump's decision, announced through a social media post on December 11th, has raised eyebrows given his extensive testimony earlier in the trial.

A Controversial Trial Unfolding

Trump's previous appearance in court on November 6th was marked by heated exchanges. He accused the New York Attorney General of being a "political hack" and described the judge as "very hostile." His son, Eric Trump, who had also testified earlier, followed suit and withdrew from testifying again after being advised by his father.

The defense's argument hinges on the testimony of accounting expert Eli Bartov. Bartov, paid $875,000 for his services, testified that he found no issues with Trump's financial statements. This testimony was crucial in the defense's strategy to refute the fraud allegations.

Impact of Trump's Decision

Trump's legal team argued that there was no need for him to testify again, citing Bartov's testimony as sufficient evidence to challenge the fraud claims. Trump himself expressed his views, stating he had nothing more to add to what he had already testified.

His attorney, Kise, further emphasized the point, questioning the necessity of further testimony given the judge's previous rulings and what they viewed as an unconstitutional gag order.

Attorney General Letitia James, however, has maintained a strong stance against Trump. She argues that the evidence presented demonstrates years of financial fraud by Trump, dismissing his decision not to testify as an attempt to divert attention from the facts.

Closing Arguments and Expectations

With the trial nearing its conclusion, the focus shifts to the closing arguments scheduled for January 11th. Judge Arthur Engoron will then issue a ruling, expected within weeks after the closing arguments. This ruling will mark the culmination of a trial that has captured the nation's attention.

Trump's recent decision not to testify again highlights the complex dynamics at play in this high-stakes legal battle. With two rebuttal witnesses remaining for the prosecution, the final phase of the trial promises to be as contentious as the preceding weeks.

The Broader Implications

The outcome of this trial could have significant implications for Trump and his business empire. The allegations of financial fraud and the scrutiny of Trump's financial dealings have questioned business ethics and legal accountability for high-profile individuals.

This trial also underscores the increasingly polarized political climate in the United States. Trump's vocal criticisms of the Attorney General and the judge reflect the deep divisions that continue to shape American politics and society.

Reflecting on the judicial process

As the trial progresses, it serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges of the judicial process, especially in cases involving prominent figures. The debate over Trump's decision not to testify again illuminates the strategic considerations that play a crucial role in legal proceedings.

"I have already testified to everything & have nothing more to say other than this is a complete & total election interference (Biden campaign!) witch hunt” so “I will not be testifying on Monday."

The trial has been a battleground for differing interpretations of legal evidence and the role of personal testimony. The defense's reliance on expert analysis contrasts with the prosecution's emphasis on the broader pattern of behavior and alleged fraudulent activities.


  • Former President Donald Trump reverses his decision to testify in his defense in a New York civil fraud trial.
  • The trial began on October 2nd and has been marked by contentious testimony and legal arguments.
  • Trump's legal team argues that further testimony is unnecessary, relying on the testimony of defense expert Eli Bartov.
  • The outcome of the trial, with closing arguments scheduled for January 11th, is eagerly awaited and could have significant implications.

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