Donald Trump At Risk Of Being Disqualified Even If Supreme Court Rules For Him

By Victor Winston, updated on February 25, 2024

The fate of democracy hangs in balance at the highest court of the United States. The U.S. Supreme Court is currently examining if Colorado has the authority to bar former President Donald Trump from appearing on its presidential ballot over allegations of insurrection, a move that could precipitate a constitutional crisis.

The core of this unprecedented legal battle springs from the turmoil of the January 6 riot, with Colorado seeking to invoke the Fourteenth Amendment to declare Trump an insurrectionist and thus ineligible for future office. The attorney for Colorado voters, Jason Murray, cautioned against the severe implications of sidestepping this eligibility issue, stating it could "come back with a vengeance." This case touches upon the fragile seams of America's democratic fabric, testing the resilience of its constitutional safeguards against the backdrop of political violence and instability.

Senior Democrats in the House, faced with the dual challenge of potentially confirming a Trump victory and adhering to the electorate's decision, are apprehensive without a clear decree from the Supreme Court on Trump's eligibility. Their deep reservations echo the nation's polarized political climate, where the specter of January 6 looms large over every deliberation concerning Trump's future in American politics.

Jason Murray's words signal the gravity of the situation, "It could come back with a vengeance".

Political Divisions and Legal Complexities

This legal conundrum is further complicated by Trump's impeachment record; the House impeached him for incitement of insurrection, yet he remains uncharged and unconvicted about the 91 indictments against him. Democrats Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff, despite their stances, affirm their commitment to adhere to the Supreme Court's decision on this matter, showcasing the complex interplay between legal fidelity and political philosophy, MSN reported.

However, legislative efforts to clearly define "insurrection" under the Fourteenth Amendment and set eligibility criteria for candidacy are stymied by the current political landscape, with a Republican majority unlikely to enact laws that could disfavor Trump. Meanwhile, reforms to the Electoral Count Act, aimed at preventing the recurrence of an event like January 6, fall short of addressing the root issue of eligibility based on accusations of insurrection.

A Precarious Balance: Democracy at a Crossroads

The essence of this judicial inquiry transcends mere legal technicalities; it probes the depths of American democracy's resilience to internal strife and the mechanisms in place to safeguard its integrity against the seeds of discord. Legal scholars and political observers alike warn that failure to conclusively address Trump's eligibility could foster political instability and violence, underlining the profound ramifications of the Supreme Court's impending decision.

Voices from both sides of the political divide express their concerns and hopes regarding the outcome. Representative Jamie Raskin points to the dire consequences of uncertainty, stating, “There was blood all over the Capitol in the hypothetical you posit,” emphasizing the critical nature of the Court's decision.

As the Supreme Court delves into this complex legal and constitutional matter, the nation holds its breath, awaiting a ruling that could define the trajectory of its political landscape. The implications of this case extend far beyond the immediate legal arguments, touching upon the very essence of democratic governance, the rule of law, and the sanctity of the electoral process.


The Supreme Court's examination of former President Donald Trump's eligibility to stand on Colorado's presidential ballot as an insurrectionist raises profound constitutional questions.

This legal battle, rooted in the events of January 6 and invoking the Fourteenth Amendment, places the principles of democracy and the rule of law under intense scrutiny.

Senior House Democrats grapple with the implications of a possible Trump victory, while legal efforts to define "insurrection" face political obstacles. Amidst this, the nation stands at a crossroads, with the Supreme Court's decision poised to impact the future of American democracy.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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