DOJ Releases Criminal Hunter Biden Evidence

By Victor Winston, updated on February 14, 2024

In a troubling development, Hunter Biden faces legal action from the Department of Justice for allegedly falsifying a federal form about his drug use when purchasing a firearm in October 2018.

Hunter Biden, embroiled in a legal battle, is prosecuted for concealing his drug addiction on a federal firearm acquisition form, casting a shadow over the Biden family amidst allegations supported by digital evidence from his iPhone.

In-depth court filings have illuminated the gravity of Hunter Biden's situation, showcasing evidence of his drug addiction through text messages and pictures from his iPhone. These pieces of evidence suggest an ongoing struggle with substance abuse during the period surrounding his firearm purchase.

Evidence Unearthed from Digital Depths

Documented evidence includes photos of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia and texts discussing drug purchases. This digital trail paints a stark picture of Hunter Biden's state during the acquisition of the weapon.

Following his purchase, there were exchanges about rendezvous with a drug dealer and instances of crack cocaine use, further showing the depth of his addiction. These actions raise concerns about the intersection of drug use and firearm ownership, a mix fraught with potential danger.

In revealing conversations with his then-girlfriend Hallie Biden, his late brother Beau's widow, confrontations arose over his drug consumption and mishandling of the firearm. Despite these concerns, Hunter Biden adamantly insisted on handling his sobriety in his way, underscoring a tumultuous fight with addiction.

A Plea Deal Falls Through

The legal proceedings took a significant turn when a plea deal concerning his gun and tax violations unraveled. This breakdown led to a formal indictment in September on three federal firearms charges, to which Hunter Biden entered a plea of not guilty.

This indictment follows a series of messages in which Hunter Biden outlined his struggles. On November 21 and 29, 2018, he explicitly acknowledged his addiction but insisted on seeking sobriety on his terms.

A particular exchange captured the intensity of these personal and legal troubles. Hunter Biden wrote to a significant other, underscoring his defiance and the gravity of his struggles.

Hallie wrote:

I’m sorry, I just want you to be safe. That was not safe... You have lost your mind hunter. I’m sorry I handled it poorly today but you are in huge denial about yourself and about that reality that I just want you safe. You run away like a child and blame me for your s***.

These messages showcase a man wrestling with his demons, caught in a web of addiction amid looming legal threats. They hint at the complexity of substance abuse, intertwining personal safety, responsibility, and the quest for sobriety.

The litigation surrounding Hunter Biden highlights a convoluted narrative of addiction battling against legal accountability. As Hunter Biden stands against the federal firearms charges, his text exchanges and the visual evidence from his iPhone form a mosaic of a troubled period.


Hunter Biden faces charges from the Department of Justice for falsely claiming he wasn't using drugs when he bought a firearm in October 2018. This development is backed by digital evidence from Hunter's iPhone, which includes texts and photos showing his struggle with drug addiction during that time. The evidence, highlighting transactions with drug dealers and the use of crack cocaine, raises concerns about the dangers of mixing drug use with firearm ownership.

The case against Hunter Biden took a turn when a plea deal on his gun and tax violations unraveled, leading to an indictment on three federal firearms charges, to which he pleaded not guilty. This legal battle is underscored by personal struggles, as revealed in conversations with his then-girlfriend Hallie Biden, showing Hunter's tumultuous fight with addiction and his insistence on handling his sobriety his way.

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