DOJ Opens Up On Hunter Biden’s Criminal Spending

 December 10, 2023

The Department of Justice has brought forth an indictment against Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, on multiple tax charges. The indictment, led by special counsel David Weiss, alleges a significant evasion of tax payments over four years.

Hunter Biden faces charges for not paying $1.4 million in taxes while earning over $7 million from foreign business deals. Biden's DOJ opened up, admitting they had found Hunter had spent millions on everything except for taxes.

According to the indictment, Biden spent extravagantly on various personal indulgences including cash withdrawals, female escorts, and stays at luxury hotels. These expenses occurred during a period marked by Biden's struggle with drug addiction, particularly in 2018, a year noted for the most egregious tax offenses.

Biden's Opulent Lifestyle and Tax Evasion

Biden's lifestyle during these years was characterized by lavish spending on luxury items and services. This included stays in high-end hotels like the Chateau Marmont and large sums spent on entertainment and personal pleasures.

Special counsel Weiss highlighted the disparity between Biden's spending and his tax obligations. Over $4.9 million was reportedly spent on personal luxuries while failing to meet his tax responsibilities.

The indictment also points to specific instances of fiscal mismanagement. In 2018, Biden reportedly claimed almost $400,000 in false business travel expenses and miscategorized personal costs. Payments to women he had relationships with were also allegedly filed as business expenses.

Legal Complications and Failed Plea Deal

Biden's legal team, led by attorney Lowell, has contested the fairness of the charges. They point to a failed plea deal with Weiss, which initially proposed two misdemeanors but later escalated to more serious charges.

Lowell accused Weiss of succumbing to political pressure, leading to the abandonment of the initial plea deal. This shift from a lenient approach to a more stringent indictment has become a focal point of the defense's argument.

Despite the complexity of the case, it is clear that Hunter Biden's financial dealings and personal choices are under intense scrutiny. The indictment reflects not just a legal battle but a personal one, intertwined with Biden's struggle with addiction.

Drug Addiction and Financial Downfall

Biden's memoir sheds light on this tumultuous time, marked by his deep plunge into drug addiction He describes a lifestyle filled with excessive indulgences, financed by his substantial income yet overshadowed by his addiction.

This period coincided with the most serious allegations of tax fraud and evasion, Washington Examiner reported.

The indictment alleges that during this period, Biden falsely wrote off substantial amounts of personal expenses as business costs. This includes his stays in luxury hotels and other extravagant expenditures.

Efforts to Rectify Financial Irresponsibility

In a notable turn of events, lawyer Kevin Morris intervened in 2020 to assist Biden in managing his financial obligations. Morris paid over $1 million of Biden's expenses and began addressing his back taxes.

Biden, through Morris's assistance, made efforts to rectify his tax situation. This included paying back taxes with interest and penalties, a move acknowledged by his legal team.

The indictment comes despite these efforts, highlighting the gravity of the charges and the legal consequences Biden faces. This move by the DOJ indicates a firm stance on tax evasion, regardless of the individual's status or subsequent remedial actions.

Broader Implications of the Case

The Hunter Biden case raises significant questions about the intersection of personal conduct, financial responsibility, and legal accountability. It highlights the complexities of tax law enforcement, especially in cases involving high-profile individuals.

The political backdrop of this case cannot be ignored. With Hunter being the son of the sitting president, the case has garnered immense media and public attention, adding layers of complexity to its perception and handling.

This case is not just about the alleged financial misdemeanors of one individual; it's a testament to the scrutiny public figures face and the rigorous enforcement of tax laws in the United States.


  • Hunter Biden was indicted on multiple tax charges by the DOJ.
  • Charges span from 2016 to 2019, involving $1.4 million in unpaid taxes on over $7 million income.
  • Biden's lavish spending and drug addiction are central to the indictment.
  • The case is complicated by a failed plea deal and subsequent harsher charges.
  • Biden's efforts to pay back taxes and penalties have not mitigated the legal actions against him.
  • The case has broader implications for public figures and tax law enforcement in the US.

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