DOJ, Ex-FBI Agents Strzok and Page Tentatively Settle Privacy Suit

 May 31, 2024

Former FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have reached a tentative settlement with the Department of Justice regarding their allegations of privacy rights violations.

The lawsuit centered on the public release of their text messages critical of Donald Trump during the investigation into his 2016 campaign's potential collusion with Russia.

Breitbart News reported that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, formerly employed by the FBI, have provisionally resolved their lawsuit against the Department of Justice.

Their legal action alleged their privacy was breached when their text messages criticizing former President Donald Trump were publicly released. These messages surfaced during an FBI review of Strzok's phone.

Strzok and Page's Privacy Lawsuit Details

Strzok, a former FBI counterintelligence agent, was dismissed in 2018 following the release of the messages. Page, who worked as an FBI lawyer, resigned that same year after their text exchanges became public. The messages not only revealed their disdain for Trump but also an affair between Strzok and Page.

The lawsuit contended that the Department of Justice provided copies of their texts to the media, which included derogatory remarks about Trump. Strzok's legal action also claimed that his dismissal was influenced by undue pressure from Trump, infringing upon his First Amendment rights. He sought back pay and reinstatement.

Specifics of the Settlements and Allegations

Page's lawsuit aimed to recover costs associated with various personal expenses. She sought reimbursement for childcare, transportation to investigative reviews and congressional hearings, and data privacy services to protect her personal information.

The terms of their settlement, as reported by the Washington Times, have not been disclosed and await final court approval.

The settlement is still pending finalization and judicial endorsement. The exposure of their text messages led to their portrayal in a 2019 theater production titled "FBI Lovebirds," a term used by Trump to describe Strzok and Page. This added a public dimension to their personal and professional turmoil.

The disclosure of the text messages significantly impacted Strzok and Page's careers and personal lives. They claimed that the DOJ's actions in releasing the messages caused substantial harm. The resulting media coverage and public scrutiny further exacerbated the situation.

Conclusion of Strzok and Page's Lawsuit

Strzok and Page's case underscores significant issues regarding privacy and government agencies' handling of sensitive information. Their tentative settlement with the DOJ marks a crucial step towards resolving their claims of privacy violations and undue influence.

The case continues to unfold as final approval of the settlement remains pending. The outcome will likely influence future actions regarding government employees' privacy rights and agencies' responsibilities in handling sensitive information.

Once finalized, this case's resolution could have broader implications for the balance between public interest and personal privacy in high-profile investigations.

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