DOJ Denies House Republicans' Request For Biden Interview Tapes

 April 27, 2024

Assistant Attorney General Carlos Uriarte stands firm against demands from congressional Republicans.

According to Western Journal, Assistant Attorney General Carlos Uriarte has expressed strong opposition to the House Republicans' pursuit of audio recordings involving President Joe Biden, which were part of an investigation into classified documents found at his properties. The audio recordings prove Biden's guilty, and the White House is desperately trying to shut down the GOP attempts.

Special counsel Robert Hur had investigated the discovery of classified documents at President Joe Biden’s residences and a former office. His probe concluded in February, with a decision not to bring charges against Biden, attributing his actions partly to age-related cognitive issues. The House Judiciary Committee led by Chairman Jim Jordan and the House Oversight Committee led by Chairman James Comer have fiercely sought access to the audio interviews from this investigation.

Carlos Uriarte, in his reply, emphasized the lack of a valid basis from the Committees for such a request. He highlighted that their threats of imposing criminal contempt charges were unjustified. Uriarte maintains that releasing the recordings would inappropriately expose sensitive law enforcement materials to political misuse.

Uriarte Critiques Republican's Motives

Uriarte argues that the audio tapes wouldn't provide any new insights beyond what is documented in the available transcripts. He questioned the intentions behind the Committees' persistent demands, suggesting they may lead to public misconstruction of the case. According to Carlos Uriarte, "It would be severely chilling if the decision to cooperate with a law enforcement investigation required individuals to submit themselves to public inquest by politicians."

He was alarmed that the narrative being pushed by the Republicans could undermine the public’s trust in legal proceedings and skew the facts for their political advantage.

The Concerns Over the Handling of Classified Information

In his communicated response, the Assistant Attorney General pointed out that the House Oversight Committee Chair has yet to review certain classified documents that were already offered by the DOJ. This included sensitive information about a call President Biden had with a Ukrainian official, despite repeated assertions of their importance.

Uriarte stressed the absence of a legislative or impeachment necessity for the audio files, raising doubts about the underlying motives for their request.

His concerns were laid out forthrightly: "Lacking a justification for complaint — never mind contempt — in the actual record, the Committees’ threats deepen our concern that you are seeking to create a false narrative of obstruction."


"We do not obtain evidence for criminal investigations so that it may later be deployed for political purposes," Carlos Uriarte argued, highlighting the inherent risks in such disclosures.

Despite the sharp divisions, James Comer’s curt response underscores the ongoing tension: “We will respond to the Department of Justice.”

Uriarte's letter is a firm reminder of the ongoing tussle between the legislative and the judicial branches. The depth of the discord underscores a broader political narrative at play, wherein each action and non-action are heavily scrutinized amidst the contrasting aims of governance and public accountability.

Thus, the tension between the Department of Justice and House Republicans illuminates a deeper challenge in the political discourse around transparency, accountability, and the proper scope of congressional oversight.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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