DOJ Conducting Criminal Investigation Of ‘Squad’ Congresswoman

 January 30, 2024

A cloud of scrutiny settles over a member of Congress.

The Department of Justice is investigating allegations of misuse of funds by Representative Cori Bush.

The DOJ is taking a hard look at over $750,000 directed towards security allocations, focusing on payments made to Cori Bush's husband, Cortney Merritts. Despite having no security training, Merritts received substantial sums from these government funds. This probe highlights concerns about the propriety of such transactions and the oversight of federal spending.

Allegations of Misappropriation Raise Serious Questions

Jake Sherman, the founder of Punchbowl News, was the first to reveal the DOJ's action. His tweet underscored the weight of the situation, potentially shaking the foundations of Rep. Bush's office. The involvement of Merritts, in particular, draws attention due to his lack of qualifications in security, a field where expertise and experience are typically deemed critical.

The criminal investigation's reach has extended to a subpoena to the House Sergeant at Arms. This move suggests the DOJ is meticulously tracing the trail of funds in question. It also hints at the possibility of deeper irregularities within the management of federal resources.

A watchdog group has urged the Federal Election Commission to examine the spending patterns of the last year. This indicates that the scrutiny is not limited to the DOJ; it is a multifaceted inquiry into the congresswoman's financial dealings.

Scrutiny Intensifies as Watchdog Groups Get Involved

The payments to Merritts, particularly the $60,000 for security duties and an additional $62,000 linked to Bush's 2022 reelection campaign, have raised red flags. Given Merritts' reported lack of security training, these transactions are at the heart of the DOJ's investigation. The financial ties between Bush's campaign expenditures and her husband's compensation are now under a legal microscope.

When the news of the DOJ investigation broke on January 30, 2024, it marked a turning point. Rep. Bush's financial conduct, specifically the allocation of security funds, entered a new phase of public and legal scrutiny. Repercussions of these findings could impact her career and the public's trust in how their taxpayer dollars are utilized.

Rep. Bush's response to the investigation has been minimal. Max Cohen of Punchbowl News recounted an interaction with the congresswoman, who declined to comment on the matter.

DOJ's Probe Signals Heightened Accountability Measures

The Justice Department's probe into Representative Cori Bush's allocation of government funds for security has sent ripples through the political landscape. As the investigation progresses, the potential for ethical and legal implications looms large for Rep. Bush and her husband, Cortney Merritts.

The House Sergeant at Arms' involvement, via subpoena, paints a picture of a thorough and serious investigation. This step by the DOJ clearly indicates that the authorities are leaving no stone unturned. The implications of these developments could stretch beyond the immediate case and signal broader enforcement of accountability measures in the use of public funds.


The DOJ's ongoing criminal investigation into Rep. Cori Bush's financial dealings, particularly the allocation of more than $750,000 in security funds, has spotlighted the congresswoman and her husband. The situation raises concerns regarding the stewardship of taxpayer money and the necessity for transparent financial practices in public office.

The House Sergeant at Arms' compliance with the DOJ subpoena underscores the gravity of the allegations. As both the DOJ and FEC continue their scrutiny, the public awaits the outcome of an investigation that could have far-reaching implications for political accountability and ethical governance.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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