DNC Plans Virtual Nomination to Ensure Biden's Ballot Access

 May 29, 2024

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) will conduct virtual proceedings to officially nominate President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as the Democratic Party nominees before Ohio's August 7 ballot certification deadline. 

According to ABC News, the DNC's decision to go virtual aims to ensure that Biden and Harris are certified as nominees despite ongoing ballot access issues in Ohio.

The DNC confirmed that while the official nomination will occur virtually, the party will still hold in-person ceremonial events on August 19 in Chicago.

This hybrid approach seeks to balance the necessity of meeting deadlines with the tradition of convention fanfare. The virtual nomination is a significant shift from the usual convention proceedings, reflecting the unprecedented political challenges of the moment.

Ohio Senate's Bill and Political Tensions

On Tuesday, the Ohio Senate passed a bill addressing Biden's ballot access without any Democratic support. This legislation is tied to campaign finance issues, a point of contention for Democrats who oppose the measure. The GOP-led legislature's actions have intensified the political struggle over Biden's ability to appear on the Ohio general election ballot.

Ohio's Republican Governor Mike DeWine has urged for a legislative solution, emphasizing the importance of a formal bill to ensure Biden's ballot access. He stated that relying on alternative methods is insufficient and that a legislative approach is the most prudent solution. Governor DeWine's stance highlights the ongoing bipartisan tensions in the state.

DNC Leadership's Response and Plans

DNC Chair Jamie Harrison expressed confidence in overcoming the conflict independently. He assured that Biden will appear on the ballot in all 50 states despite the challenges posed by Ohio Republicans. Harrison emphasized the necessity of a virtual roll call to prevent partisan tactics from undermining the democratic process.

Harrison stated, "Through a virtual roll call, we will ensure that Republicans can't chip away at our democracy through incompetence or partisan tricks and that Ohioans can exercise their right to vote for the presidential candidate of their choice." His remarks underscore the DNC's commitment to protecting the integrity of the election process.

Preparations for Virtual Roll Call and Nomination

To facilitate the virtual nomination, the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee will vote on June 4 to propose changes allowing for virtual proceedings. The full DNC membership will then vote on this resolution in the coming weeks. Once adopted, the pre-nomination process will follow standard procedures, albeit in a virtual format.

The DNC aims to ensure that the virtual proceedings maintain the legitimacy and formality of traditional in-person conventions. The hybrid approach of combining virtual nominations with in-person ceremonial events seeks to adapt to current challenges while preserving party traditions. This strategy reflects the DNC's efforts to navigate unprecedented political and logistical obstacles.

Reactions from Ohio Democratic Leaders

Ohio Democratic Chair Liz Walters criticized Ohio Republicans for politicizing the nomination process. She accused them of playing politics with democracy and reiterated the party's commitment to ensuring voter rights. Walters' remarks reflect the broader frustration among Democrats regarding the GOP's handling of ballot access issues.

Walters said:

Once again, Republican politicians at the statehouse are playing politics with our democracy. Just like when they attempted to take away our rights and freedoms last year, Ohio Republicans have shown their blatant disregard for the rights of voters, and we won't let them get away with another effort to hold our democracy hostage.


The DNC's decision to conduct a virtual nomination for Biden and Harris underscores the complex political landscape leading up to the 2024 election. This move addresses the immediate need to secure ballot access in Ohio amidst legislative challenges. The hybrid approach of combining virtual and in-person events reflects the DNC's efforts to adapt to unprecedented circumstances while maintaining traditional elements of the nomination process. Democratic and Republican leaders in Ohio continue to clash over the best approach to ensure fair ballot access, with significant implications for the upcoming election.

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