DeSantis Crushed After Court Order Permanently Blocks Florida Gun Retailer

By Robert Cunningham, updated on March 7, 2024

In the heart of the Empire State, a significant legal victory unfolds.

A federal judge has issued a permanent injunction against Florida gun retailer Indie Guns, barring them from selling key components used to assemble ghost guns in New York.

This decisive action stems from a lawsuit initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James against Indie Guns and nine other gun retailers. The suit accused the retailers of contributing to the influx of untraceable firearms on New York streets, a serious concern for law enforcement and public safety alike.

The Court’s Decree: A Step Towards Safer Streets

Judge Jesse Furman's ruling not only prohibits Indie Guns from selling and delivering certain gun parts in New York but also imposes a hefty $7.8 million judgment against the retailer. This judgment sends a clear message to those who might consider circumventing gun control laws.

Indie Guns, having profited at least $3.9 million from these illegal sales, is now facing the consequences of its actions, which have been deemed negligent and reckless.

The lawsuit against Indie Guns was part of a broader initiative by Attorney General Letitia James to curb the sale of unfinished frames and receivers. These components, crucial for assembling firearms, were sold without background checks, making it possible for dangerous individuals to acquire guns undetected.

Indie Guns' marketing of these products as "UNSERIALIZED UNREGISTERED UNTRACEABLE" was a bold defiance of state and federal laws aimed at preventing gun violence.

This legal battle moved from the state Supreme Court to federal court upon the defendants' request, illustrating the complexity and nationwide importance of the issue at hand. The ongoing lawsuit against the nine remaining defendants continues to underscore the urgency of addressing the ghost gun epidemic.

A Frivolous Fight Against Regulations?

Lawrence Destefano, the owner of Indie Guns, has called the lawsuit "frivolous" and expressed his intention to contest the $7.8 million judgment. This stance reveals a contentious divide between gun rights advocates and those pushing for stricter gun control measures.

Letitia James stated:

Indie Guns refused to follow New York and federal law and tried to flood our streets with ghost guns — but now they are paying the price for those bad actions. These deadly weapons are designed to be untraceable and can easily end up in the hands of people otherwise barred from owning guns.

Attorney General James' remarks highlight the inherent dangers of ghost guns. The anonymity and lack of traceability associated with these firearms pose a significant threat to public safety, especially in urban areas where gun violence is a persistent problem.

The Implications of a Groundbreaking Verdict

The ruling against Indie Guns serves as a precedent for future actions against the distribution of ghost guns. It underscores the importance of adhering to New York and federal laws concerning gun sales and ownership. The hefty financial penalty levied against Indie Guns also serves as a deterrent to other retailers who might consider exploiting legal loopholes to sell untraceable firearms.

The exemption to the permit-less carry bill, creating a gun-free zone in New Orleans, is another layer of the multifaceted approach to gun control. While unrelated directly to the New York case, it reflects a growing trend towards stricter regulation of firearms in urban centers.

As the lawsuit against the remaining defendants progresses, the outcome of this case will undoubtedly influence the national debate on gun control and the sale of ghost guns. It highlights the ongoing struggle to balance Second Amendment rights with the need to ensure public safety in an era of evolving firearm technology.


The permanent injunction against Indie Guns by a federal judge in New York marks a significant moment in the fight against untraceable firearms. The $7.8 million judgment against the retailer emphasizes the serious consequences of circumventing gun control laws. Attorney General Letitia James' pursuit of this case highlights the urgent need to address the ghost gun epidemic.

The legal actions against Indie Guns and the ongoing lawsuit against other gun retailers underscore the commitment to making our streets safer. As the debate over gun control continues, this case is a critical reference point for future legislation and enforcement efforts.

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