DeSantis Cancels 2 Television Interviews Ahead Of NH Primary

 January 21, 2024

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's sudden decision to cancel major television interviews has stirred a flurry of speculation.

The abrupt cancellation of appearances on CNN's State of the Union and NBC's Meet the Press, just a day before their scheduled airing, comes amidst growing uncertainty about his 2024 presidential campaign.

These cancellations were announced by CNN and NBC on Saturday, with both networks expressing their disappointment. According to CNN's statement, they look forward to hosting Governor DeSantis in the future. NBC's Kristen Welker reported that the reason given was a "last-minute schedule change."

Governor DeSantis has instead planned to hold an event in New Hampshire on Sunday evening. This schedule change occurs just three days before the pivotal New Hampshire primary elections. His campaign is reportedly refocusing its efforts in New Hampshire after a recent setback in the Iowa caucuses.

Recent Campaign Struggles Cast a Shadow

Last week, Governor DeSantis faced a significant hurdle in his presidential campaign, losing the Iowa caucuses.

This loss was followed by a noticeable absence of his campaign ads from the airwaves in early primary states, Washington Examiner reported.

The decision to cancel the interviews and shift focus to New Hampshire suggests a strategic redirection for the DeSantis campaign. New Hampshire's primary, scheduled for Tuesday, is seen as a crucial battleground for Republican candidates.

Donald Trump's senior advisor, Jason Miller, reacted to the news of the cancellations with a brief but pointed tweet, saying, "Pack it up!" This comment has fueled further speculation about the status of Governor DeSantis's campaign.

Media's Role in Presidential Campaigns

Media appearances are often seen as critical components of a successful presidential campaign. Governor DeSantis himself acknowledged the importance of media, stating, "Presidential campaigns are a lot about media." This recognition highlights the significance of his decision to withdraw from two major television appearances.

The cancellations and the subsequent event in New Hampshire indicate a possible shift in strategy for the DeSantis campaign. Following the Iowa caucus results, there has been a discernible change in the campaign's approach to media engagement and advertising.

Kristen Welker of NBC provided insight into the situation, noting, "Gov. Ron DeSantis has pulled out of his Meet the Press appearance tomorrow morning due to what a person familiar says is a last-minute schedule change," and added, "Per his campaign, he will now hold an event in New Hampshire tomorrow evening. He is currently campaigning in South Carolina."

Shifting Campaign Strategies Ahead of Primaries

As the New Hampshire primaries approach, all eyes are on the Republican candidates and their strategies. Governor DeSantis's recent moves suggest a possible recalibration of his campaign's approach to the upcoming primaries.

Political analysts are closely watching these developments, as the outcomes in New Hampshire could significantly influence the trajectory of the Republican primary race. The DeSantis campaign's recent decisions will likely impact his standing in the upcoming primaries.

With the political landscape constantly evolving, the role of media appearances and campaign strategies remains a critical factor in the success of presidential candidates. Governor DeSantis's recent decisions reflect the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of political campaigning.

Looking Ahead to the New Hampshire Primary

As the New Hampshire primary draws near, candidates are making their final pushes to sway voters. Governor DeSantis's decision to hold an event in New Hampshire instead of appearing on the scheduled television interviews could be a strategic move to focus on direct voter engagement in this crucial state.

The outcome of the New Hampshire primary will be a key indicator of the momentum and support each candidate carries forward.

For Governor DeSantis, the results will be particularly telling, given his recent strategic shifts and the implications of his decision to cancel high-profile media appearances.


Governor Ron DeSantis's sudden cancellation of scheduled television interviews on CNN and NBC has raised questions about the direction of his presidential campaign.

The move, coming just days before the New Hampshire primary, signals a possible shift in strategy following his loss in the Iowa caucuses.

With the importance of media in presidential campaigns and the evolving political landscape, the impact of these decisions on the DeSantis campaign remains to be seen.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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