Dershowitz Charges Trump Judge With Being Utterly Dishonest

By Victor Winston, updated on March 17, 2024

In a striking development within the legal community, Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz has launched a powerful critique. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee's decision to let Fani Willis proceed with prosecuting Donald Trump and allies, contingent upon Nathan Wade's withdrawal, has ignited contentious debate.

According to Newsweek, Professor Dershowitz has openly condemned the judge's decision as fundamentally dishonest, arguing that it skirts around a profound conflict of interest and other serious allegations against Willis that arguably renders her unfit for this prosecutorial role.

Alan Dershowitz, known for his forthright opinions, did not mince his words when he criticized the ruling as "utterly dishonest" and indicative of evasion. His comments follow a decision by Judge McAfee that permits the continuation of the prosecution led by District Attorney Fani Willis against former President Donald Trump and his associates over alleged election interference, with the stipulation that Nathan Wade, previously involved with Willis, steps down from the case. Dershowitz's accusations against Willis and Wade are severe, including conspiring to commit perjury and engaging in a clear conflict of interest. He believes these actions, among others, indicate a lack of moral fortitude and transparency in handling the case, challenging the integrity of the judicial process involved.

Dershowitz's Harsh Critique of Judicial Decision

Accusations of financial impropriety have also been levied by Dershowitz, who alleges that Willis financially benefited from the case, further complicating the ethics of her involvement. He suggested that the explanation provided for Wade's presence at Willis's home was untruthful, raising more questions about the nature of their relationship and its impact on the case.

According to Dershowitz, the situation reeks of judicial reluctance and a failure to act decisively in the face of glaring conflicts of interest. "This is a scandal and the judge just didn't dare to do the right thing," he stated, expressing disappointment in the court's decision."

"Everybody knows … that she profited … that she conspired to commit perjury with Nathan Wade and with the other witness. We all know there was an actual conflict of interest here. If anybody believes that she paid back every penny in cash, I got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn."

Analysis: The Ethics of Legal Procedures

Dershowitz also criticized the judge's ruling for what he perceived as its avoidance of the central issues at play, pointing to a broader concern of ethics in legal procedures.

His assertion that the case might be appealed highlights the potential for ongoing legal debates surrounding the ethical implications of Willis's involvement.

He argued that the American public, having witnessed the hearings, is likely skeptical of the official narrative, perceiving the handling of the case as inherently flawed. "The result is wrong and the result is unjust and the result is inconsistent with what every person watching this hearing knows," he stated, indicating a disconnect between the public's perception and the court's decision.


Dershowitz's remarks underscore the deep divisions and conflict of interest allegations that have come to define this high-profile case.

His pointed critique of Judge McAfee's decision to allow Willis to continue leading the prosecution—subject to Wade's withdrawal—reflects broader concerns over transparency, ethics, and the integrity of the legal process.

As discussions continue, the case remains a focal point of national attention, encapsulating the complex interplay between law, politics, and personal relationships in the pursuit of justice.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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