Department Of Justice Admits Truth About Hunter Laptop

 January 18, 2024

In a stunning turn of events, the truth has surfaced.

The Department of Justice has confirmed the authenticity of Hunter Biden's laptop, acknowledging its contents match those from his iCloud.

The DOJ's acknowledgment occurred in the midst of responding to an investigation involving Hunter Biden and gun charges, where he was accused of lying about his drug addiction to purchase a firearm.

DOJ's Confirmation Raises Questions

The revelation comes from a recent court filing by the DOJ, which has admitted that the laptop abandoned at a computer repair store belongs to Hunter Biden. This admission has set off a series of serious questions about handling the laptop's existence and its contents by both the government and the media.

Initially, when the New York Post reported on the laptop in October 2020, the story was quickly suppressed, with claims from former intelligence officials that it was Russian disinformation.

The suppression of the story extended to social media platforms, which took unprecedented steps to limit its spread. This action triggered a debate on free speech and the role of tech companies in controlling the flow of information.

Implications for Media and Intelligence

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey and conservative commentator Morgan Ortagus have not shied away from commenting on the significance of the DOJ's admission. They suggest the acknowledgment indicates a massive government censorship operation, possibly the largest in United States history.

Indeed, according to an IRS whistleblower, the laptop's contents were determined to be genuine by December 2019, but federal investigators were allegedly obstructed from fully examining all available information.

The letter from former intelligence officers, organized by Michael Morell at the request of Antony Blinken, a Biden campaign adviser, has now been called into question. This letter had dismissed the laptop's authenticity, labeling the story as a Russian operation, which now appears to be a narrative that was incorrectly pushed during the election period.

Broader Speculations and Concerns

Speculations have arisen concerning a deliberate effort to manipulate the presidential election by burying the laptop story. These allegations suggest a broader scheme that was in place to influence public opinion and the outcome of the 2020 election.

The DOJ's confirmation has validated the laptop's authenticity and cast a shadow on the integrity of the election process.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey said:

Hunter Biden’s laptop is not only real; it’s also a manifestation of the largest government censorship enterprise in United States history.


The Department of Justice's confirmation of Hunter Biden's laptop's authenticity has significant implications for the credibility of government agencies, the media, and the integrity of the election process. The story, initially reported by the New York Post in 2020 but widely discredited and suppressed by mainstream media and social media platforms, has now been substantiated by the DOJ during an investigation into Hunter Biden's gun charges.

The acknowledgment has triggered public commentary from officials like Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey and conservative commentator Morgan Ortagus, pointing to a possible government effort to censor the story. The former intelligence officers' letter, which dismissed the laptop as Russian disinformation, is now under scrutiny, suggesting political manipulation.

This development has sparked widespread speculation about government censorship, corruption, and the impact of the laptop story on the 2020 election results and public opinion.

About Robert Cunningham

With years of experience at the forefront of political commentary, Robert Cunningham brings a blend of sharp wit and deep insight to his analysis of American principles at the Capitalism Institute.

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