Dem Lets It Slip That ‘Double Digits’ Number Of Terrorists Have Entered The Country

By Victor Winston, updated on March 13, 2024

The debate surrounding border security and immigration reframes as Rep. Jim Himes shares nuanced views on CNN.

Rep. Jim Himes noted that the number of individuals identified or suspected as terrorists, posing genuine threats, who have crossed the southern border is relatively low, amounting to a figure in the double digits, Breitbart reported.

During his appearance on CNN's "The Lead" with Jake Tapper, Rep. Jim Himes, the House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member and Connecticut's representative, offered insights into the complexities of managing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Jim Himes Highlights Nuanced Challenges of Border Security

Himes acknowledged the critical requirement for bolstering border defenses since an unregulated crossing of undocumented individuals poses a risk to national security. He said, “No country can have a border in which lots of people are coming across, and we don’t know who they are,” indicating the fundamental need to understand and control who enters the country.

Rep. Jim Himes further elaborated on the specific threats discussed during the segment. He remarked:

While border security needs a lot of improvement, we shouldn’t talk about the border in ways that raise the risk in immigrant communities and inside this country. The amount of known and suspected terrorists crossing the southern border who are real terrorist threats is pretty small. It’s in the double digits.

Many of the individuals flagged as known and suspected terrorists are, according to Himes, Colombians potentially linked to former revolutionary factions. Some of these groups have since been delisted as terrorist organizations, illustrating the dynamic nature of such classifications and the nuanced reality of border security issues.

Seeking Balance in Border Security Conversations

The Congressman cautioned against the rhetoric that could exacerbate vulnerabilities among immigrant populations in the United States. He underscored the importance of engaging in a discourse about border security and immigration policy in a manner that doesn’t escalate risks for immigrant communities residing within the country.

This perspective arises amid broader national concerns regarding terrorists potentially exploiting the southern border under the administration of President Joe Biden. CNN's Jake Tapper raised these concerns, highlighting the politically charged nature of border security and the imperative for the current administration to address these issues adequately.

Jake Tapper inquired, "It’s such a politically fraught issue for any president, but the statistics we’re hearing are alarming. Is President Biden doing enough to address these specific concerns about terrorists entering the United States?"

Reframing the Discourse on Border Security

He stressed that although a substantive number of individuals crossing the border undocumented calls for rigorous border security enhancements, the dialogue surrounding this issue must not contribute to heightened risks within immigrant communities.

Rep. Himes's insights highlight the critical balance required in addressing border security concerns without resorting to fear-mongering or divisive rhetoric. The minimal yet present threat posed by known and suspected terrorists underscores the need for informed and measured discussions on the matter.


Congressman Jim Himes sheds light on the nuances surrounding border security and immigration in a recent CNN appearance, urging a balanced perspective. While acknowledging legitimate concerns, Himes cautions against inflammatory rhetoric that could put immigrant communities at risk.

Though some identified terror suspects have crossed the southern border, the actual number remains small. Himes argues for improving border security through reasoned discourse, not fear-mongering. Achieving true border security requires recognizing the complexities involved. With care and nuance, we can enhance security while avoiding unnecessary harm to immigrant populations within the U.S.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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