Debate Heats Up on "The View" Over Trump's Abortion Policy Remarks

 April 8, 2024

Discussions on ABC's "The View" have often turned political, but recent comments from co-host Joy Behar regarding former President Donald Trump have sparked significant attention, Breitbart News reported.

Joy Behar of ABC's "The View" has confidently stated that American voters plan to reject Donald Trump in the forthcoming November elections due to his self-serving nature and lack of principles.

This dialogue was prompted by a video message from Trump, tackling his stance on abortion policy. Whoopi Goldberg, another co-host, expressed her discontent with Trump's approach to women's rights, questioning how he could expect votes while undermining such fundamental freedoms.

In The View's Host's Critique of Former President's Morals

Joy Behar offered a sharp critique, comparing Trump's actions to seeking personal safety from legal repercussions, likening him to Netanyahu amidst his controversies.

You know, anything that he says could be translated to the following because he doesn’t have any principles. He doesn’t believe in anything. God knows what he’s done in his past by the way. So you translate everything he says into, ‘Please vote for me and put me in the White House and keep me out of Leavenworth.’ People have to remember this.

He has no interest in any of you or us. He only wants to stay out of prison now. He’s like Netanyahu has the same problem, and the Israelis are turning on him for the same reason," said Joy Behar.

Sunny Hostin also chimed in, branding Trump as "morally bankrupt" and questioning the rationale behind his continued support from evangelical circles and people of faith. Hostin further disputed the universal agreement among legal scholars about Trump's position suggested in his social media post.

Questions Raised on Trump's Policy Perspectives

The segment shed light on the complex web of politics, personal beliefs, and the interface with public policy. Each host brought their distinctive viewpoint to the discussion, reflecting broader societal debates over Trump's leadership and moral compass.

As the November elections approach, the comments from "The View" underscore the ongoing divisions and discussions that will likely intensify.

Behar's strong conviction in the American electorate's decision signals an anticipated shift, while Hostin's reflections question the underpinnings of Trump's continued support among certain demographics.

These discussions, framed by Trump's contentious policy stance on abortion, highlight the relentless scrutiny public figures face.


In a world where opinion and policy continually intersect, "The View" remains a significant platform for debate. The conversations about Trump, his policies, and their implications for American society are far from over. As the co-hosts note, the coming months are crucial, not just for Trump but for the direction of the country.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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