Dean Phillips Won’t See Re-Election

 November 25, 2023

In an unexpected turn of events, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) has decided not to seek re-election to Congress in 2024.

This announcement comes just a month after he initiated a Democratic primary challenge against President Joe Biden.

Phillips, who has represented Minnesota's 3rd District since 2018, cited the need for new leadership and the importance of "passing the torch" as key reasons for his departure.

His decision not to run again marks the end of a noteworthy stint in Congress, punctuated by significant national events.

Phillips' Impact and Leadership

During his three terms, Phillips has been a vocal advocate for bipartisan solutions and civil discourse. His approach to politics focused on building bridges across party lines, a stance that earned him respect from both colleagues and constituents.

Phillips' tenure in Congress was marked by major events such as the longest federal government shutdown and the January 6 insurrection. He played a significant role in navigating these challenges, always emphasizing the need for effective and respectful governance.

Despite these turbulent times, Phillips maintained a voting record aligned completely with President Biden's agenda, showcasing his commitment to Democratic principles while also advocating for cross-party collaboration, NY Post reported.

Concerns Over Democratic Prospects in 2024

Phillips' decision to challenge President Biden in the primary was driven by concerns over Biden's age and low approval ratings. He feared these factors could weaken the Democratic Party's position in the upcoming 2024 elections.

In recent polls, however, Phillips trailed significantly behind Biden, with a vast difference in their national support levels within the Democratic primary. This gap perhaps influenced his decision to step back from the electoral race.

With the latest general election polling showing a close race between Biden and Trump, Phillips' concerns about the Democratic Party's chances in 2024 remain a topic of considerable debate among political analysts and party members.

A Career Sparked by the 2016 Election

Phillips' entry into politics was motivated by the 2016 presidential election, a turning point that propelled him into public service. He saw the need for active participation in democracy, a principle that guided his political career.

Representing Minnesota's 3rd District since his election in 2018, Phillips brought a unique perspective to Congress, focusing on what he termed "optimistic politics."

This approach aimed at repairing relationships and improving lives, a goal he consistently pursued during his tenure.

His decision to not seek re-election in 2024 opens up a new race for Minnesota's 3rd District, a development that adds another layer of intrigue to the upcoming election cycle.

Phillips' Reflection on Public Service

Reflecting on his time in office, Phillips expressed a deep commitment to the values of civility, respect, and effective governance.

He emphasized the importance of these principles in his approach to politics.

"Civility matters, respect matters, listening matters, and effective governance matters. No party has a monopoly on solutions, and we must stop fighting one another and begin fighting for one another — before it is too late."

His sentiments highlight the growing need for a collaborative approach in American politics, where bipartisan efforts are essential for addressing the nation's challenges.

Looking Toward the Future

While Phillips is stepping down from his congressional role, he remains vocal about the challenges and opportunities facing the nation. His outlook for the future is optimistic, contingent on the country's willingness to embrace positive change and collaborative efforts.

His parting words encapsulate his hope and belief in the potential for a brighter future, driven by courageous choices and a collective pursuit of progress. "The future is very bright, as long as we have the courage and make the choice to seek it. Keep the faith!"

Phillips' departure from Congress marks the end of a significant chapter in his career, but his influence and ideals continue to resonate with many in the political arena and beyond.


  • Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) will not seek re-election to Congress in 2024.
  • His decision follows a brief challenge against President Biden in the Democratic primary.
  • Phillips emphasized the need for new leadership and bipartisan cooperation in politics.
  • His time in Congress was marked by significant national events and challenges.
  • Phillips' departure opens the race for Minnesota's 3rd District and adds to the dynamics of the 2024 elections.

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