Dan Crenshaw Banned From Plan - Video Stuns Everyone

 January 21, 2024

A heated confrontation at an airport involving Representative Dan Crenshaw, his wife, and United Airlines has sparked widespread attention.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw accuses a United Airlines agent of forcefully removing his dog from his wife's bag, with the airline and the Congressman providing conflicting accounts of the events.

The incident reportedly occurred on a Saturday night. Rep. Crenshaw's wife, accompanied by their infant, mother-in-law, and two dogs, was traveling when the situation unfolded. According to Crenshaw, a United Airlines agent reached into the bag containing their dog, Joey, without permission.

Supporting his claim, Rep. Crenshaw shared security footage from the airport. The footage purportedly shows the agent interacting with the dog's bag. Crenshaw's wife refused the agent's request to remove the dog for photographing and reporting, leading to further escalation.

In response, United Airlines issued a statement contradicting Crenshaw's portrayal. The airline asserted that their employee was simply adhering to United's pet policies, intended to ensure the animal's safety.

Recorded Conversation Raises Further Questions

Adding to the controversy, Rep. Crenshaw recorded a conversation with a United Airlines executive. He claimed the executive, United VP Phillip Griffith, was dismissive and made threatening remarks.

Crenshaw's account of the executive's comments includes statements such as "I deal with people like you and your wife and customers like you every single day," suggesting a tense exchange. Griffith reportedly said, "I'm gonna end this quickly," and "Don't play."

The congressman accused United Airlines of dishonesty, questioning their approach to customer service. This claim is reinforced by former Representative Adam Kinzinger, who expressed his frustration with United's alleged arrogance on social media.

Public Reaction and Potential Legislative Implications

The incident has caused a stir on social media and raised questions about potential legislative actions. Crenshaw, known for his direct approach, has hinted at the possibility of addressing such issues through legislation.

Meanwhile, the response from the public and other politicians has been one of mixed emotions. Some have sided with Crenshaw, criticizing United Airlines for their handling of the situation.

Others have urged caution, suggesting that the entire story may not yet be fully known. United Airlines, maintaining its stance, continues to defend its employee's actions as being in line with company policy.

Airline Industry Scrutiny and Customer Treatment

The incident highlights the ongoing debate about the airline industry's treatment of customers. It underscores a broader conversation about the balance between policy enforcement and customer service.

Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger's reaction reflects a sentiment shared by many: a frustration with what is perceived as the airline industry's arrogance. His comments on social media following the incident highlighted the potential for legislative scrutiny in the airline sector.

The truth remains shrouded in differing perspectives, with the narrative split between Crenshaw's allegations and United Airlines' defense. The incident has ignited a debate not just about this particular case but about airline policies and customer treatment in general.


A confrontation at an airport involving Representative Dan Crenshaw, his wife, and United Airlines has gained significant attention following claims of mistreatment by the airline. Crenshaw alleges a United Airlines agent forcefully removed their dog from his wife's bag, an account contested by the airline, which maintains its employee followed standard pet policies.

Security footage released by Crenshaw shows the agent interacting with the dog's bag during an escalated situation. Adding to the controversy, Crenshaw recorded a conversation with United Airlines VP Phillip Griffith, accusing him of being dismissive and making threatening remarks.

This incident has sparked a public debate on social media and among politicians, highlighting broader concerns about airline customer service and potential legislative scrutiny of the industry.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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